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Monday, 16 November 2009

2-In-1 Lotus Root Soup And Berangan

A few days ago, Mamarazzi bought these Buah Berangan from the pasar. RM8/kg.

Mamarazzi was lazy. She thought since she is double boiling the Lotus Soup in the Slow Cooker, might as well throw in some Berangan on the side. Jimat electric and time. Well, the Berangan turn out good.

And so did the soup.

Ngap! Nice Lotus Root to sink my teeth in. Later, I will eat the Berangan too.


  1. Wah...2 in 1. Great idea. hehe and the soup looks yummy!

  2. Oh~ Can cook together like tat :) Good idea

  3. my fav is the chestnut *yummy*

  4. smart mummy!! and look at the way you had your lotus root... yummy yummy ya.. :D

  5. wah! boleh buat keja 2 keja dalam satu masa ye.. like drive n mssg. save time save cost.. how comel mamarazzi cooking?.. nak sikit..:)

  6. Yummy...I also like lotus root soup.

  7. Both also my favourite! Mummy so creative yeah... kill two birds with one stone!

  8. good idea, kill 2 birds with one stone.

    btw: the t shirt is 7-8 yrs old kid t shirt.

  9. Good idea, berangan can make the soup sweeter too!


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