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Monday, 30 November 2009

Walking Around Jonker Street, Malacca

We finally arrived Malacca around 10.30am. Glamour tak my Yee Por? She is standing behind Papa. Camera shy.

Seems like every shops there is a line of people queueing up to buy titbit and goodies.

Line up to the side walk, overflowing to the road. Really that sedap meh?

Nice view from Papa's shoulder.

A lot of antiques stuffs.

Souvenirs.This set of 6 key chains selling for RM6 to RM8 per set depending on which stall you visit. Stalls nearer to the end or corner of the road sells more expensive than those in he middle. may toys.

Busy playing this little drum. Papa call to move also don't wanna jalan. seems that this stall is also selling "roti panjang" and Papa is holding one of the "Roti Panjang".

I wanna go and see this stall. Got my favourite Pineapple tart.

A very serene atmosphere in one of the nook at a souvenir shop.

These ladies are selling some sort of tea. RM10 for 3 bottles. Mamarrazzi tested a bit. Doesn't like it. Taste like one of those apple soft drinks.

Uiks? Mah Mah always make this ice-cream punya wor. expensive ar? RM1/pc.

The famous Malacca Beca. A ride around the town at the rate of RM40/hour.

Errr....oppss...X-rated. Kena wash my eyes with dettol.

Funny. A muslim grave next to a chinese temple. According to the people there, that is the grave of one of Hang Tuah's pal. Not sure which one. Anyway, it's under renovation now.

Cute or not?

So many colourful dough figurine.

Truly amazing what the man can do. Very life like.

One of the oldest chinese Temple around Malacca.

A Kodak moment in front of one of the many temples here.

*Termenung* Am tired already. Been walking and running and browsing for hours already. Can we go home now?

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Breakfast At Restaurant New Haup Huat, Seremban

Hehehe...we went on a trip. A trip to Malacca. My Yee Por came last Thursday and we decided to go to Malacca on Friday. I was pretty excited and "talked" non-stop in the car and play "Ciak!" with Yee Por.

Decided to have Breakfast in Seremban. Just simply "tembak" one makan place since Yee Por doesn't like to eat Beef Noodle. This restaurant happens to be next to the morning market.

Ordered some Dimsum and Char Siew Pau. Dimsum was passable but the pau failed to excite my tastebuds.

Yee Por said this KING brand of Kampong Koh Cili Sauce taste very good. Must buy.

Mamarazzi ordered Wantan Mee. I didn't eat much. It's because I was too excited by this trip. This plate of Wan Tan Mee cost RM3-50. Generous amount of Char Siew but Mamarazzi found the Char Siew to be a bit too hard.

A nice cool glass of Kopi O is amust for Mamarazzi coz she stayed up most of the night before to blog about The Big Bad Wolf Books Sale.

Meantime, Papa and me had a father and son bonding moment. Papa made a "Fishie face".

Do again, Papa

Like this ar?

See! I can do too.

"Sap sap sui!". See! Papa so happy.

Perut kenyang, hati senang. Continue journey lor.

Saturday, 28 November 2009


*Uwahhh*crying* Mamarazzi pulled my ears.*sob*soob*sob*

Last night while we were at LCCT fetching Kong Kong and Mah Mah, I accidentally broke Mamarazzi's only pair of spectacles. Now Mamarazzi is as blind as a bat.

This morning Papa sent Mamarazzi to the optical shop to have her spectacles fix. Mamarazzi needs high power lenses which have to be specially order from the factory. The nice lady boss said she tried to get it done by Monday for Mamarazzi. Meantime Mamarazzi had to use her old pair of spectacles which is very old and which made her feel very dizzy when she have them on. Hopefully Mamarazzi can have her spectacle by Monday or else it would be a forth night before she can see well again.

Pedypak Warehouse Sale at Pandamaran

The warehouse for the pedypak sale.

A lot of toys. Price ranging from RM3 to RM35. Mamarazzi saw a lady holding a Mini Laptop selling for RM35 only! But too late. People habis grabbed liao...huh huh huh...

Swing set, play house and various playset. Price range RM100+ to RM300+ depending what you want.

Bicycles. Mamarazzi didnt see the prices.

Hah! This is what we come for. Mamarazzi had thrown away my Red Car coz the steering broke. She promised to get a new one for me. Alamak! those cars are too big for me and price are from RM180 onwards.

Those cars pulak too small. Oh ya..they are selling various size of baby/toddler car seat. And Pram/stroller too..
I wanted this one but mamarazzi said it's too "girlish".

That's how I ended up with the one. I love this one too. RM99 only. Saw selling in the shops for RM199!

Apart from that, mamarazzi also bought me this. RM15

This racing car with tracks. RM8.

Papa was very excited and wanted to play with my race track!

Opps... Licence L. why the track become round geh? kekeke...Tu diagram don't wanna read.

Papa showing me how to "PRESS". need la Papa. Pasal Press, I expert punya. Got lotsa training from pressing Mamarazzi's old Yamaha organ.

PRESS!! Betul tak?

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