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Monday, 5 October 2009

Spring Cleaning

No ah..No ah.. I am not messing up the things in the drawer. I'm just spring cleaning to get rid of the Mosquitoes. See later I'll put them back into the drawers la. Don't give me eat "Roti Panjang" la


  1. Haha....becareful of your fingers - don't get caught between the drawers. It's sure nice to play with the things inside the drawer huh! hehe...btw $miled!

  2. Kiap a few times already and yet not scare..haiz...boys will be boys.

  3. hahahhhaha....I guess he is curious only.....give him chance to try..heheh!

  4. Must kena marah lor! WHy kids just like to play with the things in the drawers? :)

  5. Ha Ha ha, roti panjang.....we use the same term at home!

  6. Marah him a lot already. But one thing good about this boy is that most of the time he will put back the things to the place where he took from.

    Roti panjang term used since school time. :p

    Thanks Elaine for visiting.

  7. Oh...same with Juan Or...loves to open the drawer and grab the things inside! And never learn one. THe only difference with Joshua is that Juan Or only knows how to take out from the drawer but dunno how to put back. I would say Joshua is a smart and good boy loh.


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