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Friday, 16 October 2009

Restaurant Ong Kee Nga Choy Kai and Lam Fong Biscuit, Ipoh

Ciak! this is Mamarazzi's friend, Leng Lui Jo. We went to Ipoh to have Ngah Choy Kai at Restaurant Ong Kee before we go back home.

Opps...sorry ya.Mamarazzi forgot to snap photos coz too busy yakkkity-yak-yak with Leng Lui Jo. Chicken tasted normal aje.

Aiyo..the Bean Sprout definite deteriorated in quality. Used to be the bean sprout here are all buntal buntal ones. But this round, it's mixed with some skinny ones. Tak cukup makan kot coz ekonomi meleset?

After makan, we walked across the road to Lam Fong Biskut Stall. Said to be famous for it's animal shaped biscuits.

Just look at Mamarazzi's jaw dropping to the floor. So many choices. RM2 per piece.

Cute dinosaurs, piglet, turtle, dog, mouse and a few other shape biscuit.

Nine~ten~ a BIG FAT HEN

Well, that is the story how a Dog, a Mouse, A Rabbit and a Piglet end up in our refrigerator.

Note : Tasted very nice. A lot of "inti"(Lotus paste/red bean) and it's not too sweet) Next round must go and buy again. Stall open only after 4pm.


  1. You always go out for yummy food ya~~~ Nice nice...

  2. I like the biscuits....look very cute and can attract children to eat them.

  3. ong kee... oh..not so sure which it opposite the shop u bought the biscuits from? normally we locals go to the one near excelsior hotel or i go to this ipoh garden old couple ... kam hor.. hahaa...

  4. There are two Ong Kee there. One is corner shop and one intermediate shop. We went to the corner one side of Lam Fong.

  5. i bought the animal biscuits before. very nice!


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