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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Restaurant O.K. TUCK, Cameron Highland

Arrive at Brinchang. Mamarazzi wanted to have Steamboat.

Round a few shops. Wow...just look at the corong of that TALL

Finally decided to eat here.

Here is the menu. Have 4 options of soup. Tom Yam, chicken, herbal and mixed.

Mamarazzi choose Herbal soup for a change.

Quite a lot of things for a portion of two person.

Funny looking way of putting bihun and eggs .

Ready to eat or not? Am hungry already.

Fresh Lilybuds. The Lilybuds taste very sweet. Only it's a pity they put too much oil to fry it.

Deer Meat cooked with ginger and spring onion. This dish taste a bit salty. Oh ya...the steamboat tasted good. Initially Mamarazzi commented the soup not "umph" enough but later on, after it been boiling for some time, Mamarazzi revised her opinion. Overall cost of the meal RM42 plus one pot of chinese tea. Wonder the boss counted correctly or not? So cheap meh?


  1. Wow! I guess with the tall "corong" you would be steamed eating your food! :p

    Steamboat. Nice to eat during rainy season. hehehe!

  2. I am jakun a bit. This is the 1st time seeing such tall corong :p

  3. The best part: Steamboat during cool weather in cameron! :)

  4. Boss must have kena Toto, happy until counted wrongly, ha ha ha!

  5. RM42 is cheap leh! Some more this is a restaurant situated at a mountain, so price is usually as high as the mountain leh! Cheap! CHeap! One day will take Juan Or to Cameron Highlands and eat there as well.
    Btw, smiled at you today! :-)


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