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Saturday, 24 October 2009

Pay Less Books Warehouse Sale @ Millennium Square, 23-25 October 2009

Yesterday Mamarazzi went to Millennium Square. That's the building behind Asia Jaya LRT Station.

Pay Less Books is having stock clearance sale there again. Though lately there aren't many books that takes mamarazzi's interest at PLB sale, she still went. She wanted to look for those musical books for me. Brand new ones would have cost a bomb.

Pricing are more or less similar to previous sales. Books also are more or less similar.

These are the books that Mamarazzi managed to find for herself. Alamak!She bought a duplicate book. She have a copy of "The Footprints of God" by Greg Iles already. Who wants this copy?

As for me...She bought me two musical books and 4 cardboards books. The Old Mother Hubbard and the Mickey Mouse book are musical books, priced at RM12 each. As for the cardboard books price range RM3 to RM5.


  1. hi mamarazi,

    payless books warehouse is not bad , they use to have the other warehouse sale in puchong with books at RM1(soft cover) and RM 2 (hard cover) .

  2. Yes, I am aware that they also have warehouse sale at Puchong. Went there before and managed to borong a lot for myself and friends.

    I was a frequent follower of their warehouse sale too. But not lately, due to most book are from previous warehouse sale.


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