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Monday, 19 October 2009

Panasonic 3 Days Carnival

Sleepy. Kena drag up by Mamarazzi again.

She wanted to go to Panasonic Carnival. Yesterday was the last day. Wanted to get Rechargeable Battery for the camera. Canon rechargeable batteries are really amazing. After 6 years baru konk-out. Even the camera konk-out 3 times already but the batteries still going strong.

Papa, look up there! Eeee..the fan is swaying round. Safe or not?

Nearly everything is on sale.

Not only in the showroom. Some are placed outside the showroom under the canopy. Mamarazzi can't comment about the price whether it's really cheap nor not since she didn't go other places to survey.

Yup, she finally got the Rechargeable Batteries but it's not on sale. RM29-90 for two. Well, would be worth the price if it can last 6 years like Canon batteries.


  1. Rechargable batteries are better than those normal type. The normal ones 'kong' out very fast.

  2. Wah, good leh can last that long!

  3. So enjoy!~ Ya lor.. I also prefer using rechargeable batteries...

  4. Wa, i didnt know Canon ada recharbeble batteries,, expensive ka,? i bouth one brand KEEP,, tak sampai 2 months kaput already,, and it cost me RM49.95....

    ok, i will check out canon rechargeble batteries.

    have a great week ahead,,mamarazzi

  5. Rechargeable batteries are more expensive but when you count back, it's worthwhile.

    I am not sure of the price for Canon Rechargeable Batteries. It came with the Camera at that time.

    Aiyo...the Rechargeable Batteries konk-out within 2months? I hope Panasonic Rechargeable Batteries wont be like that or else I will go and get Canon Batteries.

  6. Canon punya can last very long...then must tell my hubby already!


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