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Sunday, 4 October 2009

Old Town Kopitiam at Subang Perdana

Oh..there is the menu! Must order their famous kopi


*Sip*Sip* Like professional aje.

Hmm...not bad. Quite nice. comes the food.

Kari Mee!! Surprisingly, it's for Papa.Mamarazzi not feeling too well. Lovely yummy Kari Mee. Haiz! 100% taste nicer than THAT certain restaurant at Kota Damansara.

What's Mamarazzi having pulak?

Uh? Soup aje? It's Ipoh Hor Fun but the Hor Fun is covered by the soup. Mamarazzi said it tasted "boleh tahan lah". Isk! isk! isk! tahan apa? For me, I love it. I ngap half a bowl, leaving the balance for Mamarazzi.


  1. the kari mee looks so yummy...yummm...

  2. How's the price like of each food item? I like the photo where Joshua was sipping the coffee while his eyes looked up...very cute! By the way, thanks for the vote and I have smiled twice at your Nuffy today!

  3. The Papa said the Kari mee taste good.

    Pricing wise about RM22 plus tax. I think there is one next to EON Bank near your area, Alice


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