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Sunday, 1 November 2009

Kee Kee Bentong Chicken Rice at Restaurant Yat Yeh Hing, Kelana Jaya

In this Restaurant, there is a very nice Chicken Rice Stall.

It's called Kee Kee Bentong Chicken Rice. You have probably heard of it if you stay/work around Kelana Jaya area.

I am very hungry. No more energy liao. Checkout the Lady Boss who is standing behind me. This round her hair is PINK. Previous was YELLOW.

This is the nice Chili + Ginger sauce

The free soup is self service.

Can take as much as you want. Today is Salted Vege with Chicken Feet Soup. Papa likes to eat the Chicken Feet. Sure to "cedok" a lot of Chicken Feet.

Hmm...yummy Chicken. Aiya....Mamarazzi baru know something. She commented that why the Chicken is cold geh? Chicken stay in Air-conditioned room ka? Then Papa told her that sometimes after they rebus the Chicken, they will put into cold water to make the meat taste nicer.

Gizzard. Nice big plate of Gizzard. Papa's favourite.

Skinny Taugeh but surprisingly very sweet. Portion for 1 person.

My first time drinking "Kat Chai Shuen Mui". Eee...sour sour eh. A satisfying lunch. Total RM26 for 3person +1 kid, not including drinks.


  1. is this the shop at the corner near the LRT station ah?

  2. Yup Cynthia. You are right.The row of shop near the LRT Station.You've been there?

  3. Is there a bak kut teh shop nearby too? If it is the same one, then I've been before. The chicken rice and soup are very nice but the shop are full of RATS! I think their soup are forever salty vege. My favourites!

  4. Got rats ah? I didnt go to the kitchen to see. Well, see no evil....Hbi loves the soups too. He will korek all the chicken feet.

  5. Do you noticed there is a Chinese village opp the restaurant;Tai Kong or Kg Chempaka. My parent house is there.

  6. sarah's Daddy and Mommy

    This chicken rice is in Kelana Jaya wor...opposite the shop is a church


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