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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Jagung Teether

Grrrrr...geram...I am teething again. Despite my "old" age, a full set of teeth has yet to show itself in my gums. This round is the molars.

I hate Teether. I throw it away every time that Mamarazzi gave one to me.

Then she hit upon this mad idea of giving me a piece of Jagung to sink my teeth in.

Hmmm ...good also...can eat and can get rid some of my geram-geram...


  1. Wah...good substitute for a teether. hehe.. My baby XJ at age 13 month only have 4 teeth. Very slow le :-(

  2. Two in one function kakaka. Anyway, Joshua also very slow teething. when he was 12mths ole, there wwas only 2 teeth. Slow nevermind. The teeth get rotten slower :p

  3. Ha ha, I can try that on my toddler too!

  4. Hi Small Kuching, ha ha, I love your callsign. Was at Boey's place noticed it and busybody over.
    Your kid looks real cute eating that corn. Corn is good for them.
    Have fun, kids grow very fast....won't be long he'll want steak, ha ha.
    Have a nice day and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

  5. Good eh, jagung as the teether!

  6. good eh :) .Thanks for dropping by :)


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