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Thursday, 29 October 2009

I Love Mango

Yayay! Mamarazzi bought Mango.

I love eating Mango. I can finish one all by myself if Mamarazzi didn't stop me. But one thing hor...after eating mango, my bum bum kept going "proot! Proot! Proot!". Each time "proot" I would laugh but Mamarazzi would scold me for being disgusting.


  1. Hahaha...proot!!! good to release some wind! Mangoes are real delicious...especially the sweet ones.

  2. mNhL : surprisingly this kids also sapu the sour ones wor. I guess he follow my tastebuds coz the father doesn't like sour mango

  3. He He he, I also like mango.....sour ones taste good with some salt!

  4. A bit of sugar, kicap pekat and cili padi....celup the unripe mango...uh~la~la....sedaaaappppp

  5. hahaha... Small Kucing, "proot" when no ppl aroud then Mamarazzi won't scold u!

    Thx for dropping-by, I love to read your blog!


  6. I like mangoes... but my son doesn't like any fruits! sigh...

  7. Zooropa: Mango not so bad. Pomelo is the worst. Proooot everywhere hahaha

    LPM & Wonderful Life: He loves to eat fruits. Daren't give him much as I worry about cough.

  8. so cute..fruits are good..

  9. Hi Small Kuching, love that cheeky look of your boy. He's good looking....wait till he's 17, girls will have to take a number, ha ha.
    Have a pleasant week, Lee.

  10. Thanks Wenn and Uncle Lee. You have a pleasant weekend too. Happy Halloween!

  11. Smallkucing, i love mango too... in fact, can make cake with mango.. wanna try?

  12. comment is missing again.. just minutes ago, i wrote..
    i said i love mango too and can even bake a cake with mango toppings.. nice...!

  13. Your comment is not missing, Reana. It was pending moderation. :p


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