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Friday, 30 October 2009

Goodies From HK/China

What's this that Aunty Siew brought back from HK/China?

Lou Por Peah? Wah manyak mahal leh. I am not married yet, can eat ah?

Ooooo..Ginseng Tea. Good for Mamarazzi. Always stay up late to read books.

This one can eat ka? Saliva meleleh ni. Arrrr....another type of tea. Smell very nice. Like rose. Slimming Tea. For Papa?

What else?

Panda key chain!

Selit into my armpit 1st.

Mine! All MINE! Mamarazzi not allow to touch.

Football jersey and pants.

Ada gaya tak? A bit big but no problem.

Maybe I'll be the next David Beckham....

Thank you very much Aunty Siew and Kor Kor Andrew.


  1. Hahaha... hide first, talk later! :-D

  2. Now must find Victoria to pose with him....ha ha ha!

  3. BoeyJoey: ya woh. Getting possessive.

    Pete: Don't think he'll like Victoria. His taste more to Lydia Sum. Cry each time skinny people carry him...kakaka

  4. many goodies for u. The jersey really too big le. Looks like Joshua's long sleeve and long pants. but very cute!

  5. Maine jadi Victoria can? Ciplak Beckham + ciplak Victoria = Good Match!! Akakakaka... He looks so cute in the all mine pic :D

  6. wah.. lucky boy!! and you must be enjoying hoh... BTW, ader gaya la, your football jersey.. :D

  7. The set of baju a bit big. Think can wear net year. Next year can eksyen and gaya cikit la.Now ada gaya but tarak "Liu" kakaka

    Maine chubby so definitely can...kekeke

  8. littlekucing, i really like your pictures .. so cute...esp when u hid the panda keychain.. when u fold your arms.. hahaha.. comelnya!

  9. Is ok to be big, can keep for many years ma!

  10. Hi, wow, the last time I was or passed thru Bentong was in the '70s.
    Guess the town must have changed a lot.
    I love chicken rice. And you travelled all the way to try that? It must be good and well known, huh?
    Have a nice day, Lee.

  11. Reana : That's the benefit of digital camera nowadays. Can snap a million photos at a blink of an eye. Capturing all the funny expression.

    Molly: that is what I am thinking too. :)

    Uncle Lee: The shop is not in Bentong. It's in Kelana Jaya..neighbor to those SS2, SS3...etc. Guess you havent been back here long time ya.

    But we did went to Bentong. That was to search for it famous Ice Cream.

    You have a nice week ahead too ya :)


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