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Friday, 23 October 2009

Good Habit

I love eating biscuits. But unfortunately, I always make a mess. Mamarazzi will nag me.

Oh..NO! Biscuit crumbs on the floor!

Hmm...sure kena again...

Better wipe it off with a tissue paper.

And pick up all the larger pieces. Just the other day I also made a big mess when eating biscuit. Mamarazzi was busy at the time and didn't noticed. I quickly run and get some tissue paper to wipe it off. Despite my efforts, there is still a big chunk there. Had to owned up. I bring a piece of tissue paper and pulled Mamarazzi's baju and show her. Then she saw the mess I've made on the floor and started to nag me. But she stopped when she noticed that I've made an effort to clean up. Ya...there are several piece of tissue paper on the floor as evidence. From there I order to avoid nagging, I've better clean up my mess.


  1. God boy!!! If only my gal would do the same, I will save lots of extra work! hahaha!

  2. hahaha...clean up the floor before mummy saw !! That's a very good boy.

  3. Ha ha, would also take a cloth to pretend that he is cleaning up the house....funny and cute!

  4. Mamarazi wont nag one lah,,, you see you just picked up a new habit,,, you mess you clean, you mess, you dont clean, i will nag...

    Looking at those pictures really warmed my heart especially on Friday.

    have a good weekend and take care now, see you on Monday

  5. Wow~ He really pick up after he's making the mess!~ Great!!!!!

  6. I was surprised by his actions too. Picking up his toys is usual but cleaning up his mess just started recently. Guess at this stage he likes to imitate what we do.

  7. Wah, Joshua is a clever boy and has initiative too! I wish Juan Or can learn to do that soon, then I don't have to clean up after him all the time.

  8. clever boy!! mama will be very proud of u... but all these comes from good upbringing... :)

  9. good boy! mummy now can know you done your best.. next time do a better job ya... but mummy, why you didn't get him those bibs that got a small tray de? or give him a plate ma..

  10. Aiyo Cynthia, he is not like your Princess. This boy real ganas one. Now he refuse to wear bib and if give him plate means more work for me loh. Naughty boy will purposely drop plate on the floor again and again for me to pick up

  11. Alice ; dont worry, Juan Or will soon do that too. He is only 3mths younger than Joshua

    Reanaclaire : coz we don't really manja him. When he is naught will scold and smack his hand.

  12. What a clever boy! So independant! :-)


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