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Saturday, 24 October 2009

Golden Sun Seafood Restaurant, Off Jalan Kuchai Lama

Here we are at The Golden Sun Seafood Restaurant, Off Jalan Kuchai Lama about to have their Set Lunch for 4 pax at RM53-90. According to the flyer sent to the house, this promotion ends 31st Oct 2009. How come in the Menu it's stated till December geh?

Whatever la. Just tembak. Set Lunch for 4 person. Eligible to choose 4 dishes. Free soup and free 4 bowl of rice.

Order liao. Makan kacang 1st ah.No problem. This kacang very soft punya. Won't tercekik one.

Hmmm...that was fast. Haven't sempat to finish the kacang, the soup already arrived.'s soup is Lobak Soup. Very good for heatiness.

All these dishes have fancy names that I can't recall nor does Mamarazzi. This one let's call it Roasted Chicken. It comes with a very nice clear sauce and top with thinly sliced green apple. Taste? VERY SEDAP!

Eh! Mamarazzi ni tak aci! Give me eat the flower only meh? I am not a goat lah!

Loh Hon Zhai. Also taste very good.

Another one? So fast?

Sizzling Taufu. Not bad. No salted fish ka?

Uh.. the fish looks nice.

Steamed Grass Crap With Mince Ginger...oppss...I meant CARP. But can't blame me wor as the Menu stated as "crap".

Want to order DimSum some more ah?

Aiks? where is the round Dim Sum ball with sesame seeds? Mamarazzi forgot to snap photos. Habis eat liao. Sedap.

What else?

Crab Meat Siew Mai

Wahhhhhh.....tummy full full can oi oi nice nice. Overall with the Dim Sum and 1 extra bowl of Rice for me is RM66. Cheap leh?


  1. this mama here is really creative... each picture depict a storyline... cute!

  2. oh.. I stay here also I didn't know got so good deal.. :D

  3. You staying at Kuchai meh? Cynthia. Bring Princess there la. Service very good and fast

    Thanks, Reanaclaire

  4. Wah... I read also feel very sedap already *lick lips*

    The set quite worth it yeah... got steamed carp also!

  5. BoeyJoey: Ya very worth while. They have got several choice of dishes for customers to chose from. Maybe will go there again to try out different dishes.

  6. looks attractive. By the way, my hubby was the ex-internal auditor for the F&B section of this restaurant's parent company (now no longer working in this company). Only hubby has eaten in this restaurant before (only during lunchtime) but I tak pernah.

    Another smile :-)

  7. It used to be at a condominium building in Kuchai Entreprenuers' Park.Went there for wedding dinner before. The quality of food is good and portion big. Can consider for Juan Or's birtday celebration there if you want to do big celebration :P


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