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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Crescent’s Warehouse Sale,Dewan de Kelana(2nd Round)

Yay!!! Mamarazzi has gone mad again. Yesterday, she went to Crescent Warehouse Sale again. And these are the "treasure" she managed to dig up.

Hardcover with colourful illustration. RM1 each.

Paperback RM2 each with colourful illustration inside.

Paperback with colourful illustration by ENID BLYTON. RM2 each. Some are priced RM3 but the Lady Boss at the counter sold to Mamarazzi for RM2.

The top row are hardcover with colourful illustration. RM3 each. Bottom row are RM2. Sleeping Beauty is hardcover while the other two is paperback.

Hardcover but with no colourful illustration inside. RM2 each.

All paperbacks. Hardy Boys-Real Horrow RM2, SweetValley Twins RM1, Ghost RM3 and Slected Short Stories RM2.

RM4 each

Jealous or not???


  1. Aiyo! I'm sooo jealous! You got really good deals! I particularly like the blue cover hard cover ones at RM1 each,....really, really good bargain! Like the Enid Blyton harcovers at RM2 each also! Aiyo, I'm sooo jealous! Is it you digged them out from the disoriented piles of books? Aiyo, wasted, really regret that I dind't spend enough time digging. And yes, i agree, Mamarazzi has gone really, really mad :P. Now I'm also very tempted to go mad as well. :P

  2. OMG! That Sweet Valley was my tenage time story books!!!! Don't believe it was sold at RM1 only!!! U really got a good buy at this warehouse sales...

  3. Good buy, good buy, very good price leh!
    If I buy anymore books, my wifey will kill me, at home no more place to put! LOL!

  4. Gave 2 Nuffy :-) today! Have a nice day!

  5. I went there on Saturday and Tuesday. Ya it's all from disoriented pile of books.Saturday ones was quite messy. Tues they arranged the book a bit more nicely. Thus easier to find. The blue hardcover left 4books only.There are 2 Goldilock. Since so cheap I sapu both. Can pass to my niece :p

    Sweet Valley High, Mills & Bones...hahaha...those are the sweet merioes, hor :). Latest trend is Buffy The Vampire, right?

    My side here is also full of books. Don't know where to stuuf already :p

  6. Thanks for all the nuffy and thank you very much for blogging about the Crescent sale, Alice. Went there after reading your post. At 1st didn't feel like going since I saw their ads said religion books and this company is not one of the better known co.

  7. Wow... Enid Blyton's books at RM 2 each? I want also!

    Little Kucing's looks very cute in that picture :-)

  8. Have to dig for the Enid Blyton books. Saw some Bahasa Malaysia Enid Blyton books but rather expensive(my thinking la)coz price at rm5.

  9. wahhh...all the books so cheap!! we bought a whole series of lady bird stories for shan leo during the penguin warehouse sales 2 wks back. so, no more buying till later on

  10. Didnt get to go to Penguin sale:(

  11. I also didn't go to Pearson's sale.


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