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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Cameron Tea Shop

Yay! another break of the journey. Stop for awhile. Alamak! camera battery habis! Bought some new ones. RM18 gone. Another advice to Mamarazzi. Bring extra battery next time.

Wah...what fun it is to stretch my legs.

Woi! I baru so happy can exercise my legs now ask me to sit down pulak.

No, I don't want to eat Nasi Lemak. Don't care even if it's a RM3/packet punya Nasi Lemak. Don't care if it's just white rice and no cili. I want to run around. Don't wanna sit down.

Not going to smile for photo


  1. Aiyo, Joshua, just becos Mamarazzi dun want to let you run around, so you also dun want to smile for photo ah? So small already know how to tit-for-tat. :P

  2. loh...this boy kuat merajuk sometimes

  3. Haha~~~ Guess nasi lemak is not 'his cup of tea' :)

  4. Ha ha, forced to eat Nasi Lemak.....high class one somemore....RM3...
    Cute boy!

  5. LPM- Moody coz just woke up from the twisting ride. He loves rice and noodles. Any kind of noodle also can.

    Pete- Expensive leh...It's the type like in Mamak Stall. RM1/pkt but here selling RM3. Guess high ground , the price also high lor :p

  6. hahaa... hey, OK Tuck reminded me of the wong hei of the TVB hongkong ... he is ok tuck in one of the shows... i wonder the owner of the shop get the name from there or not.. hahaa.. i m going to add u now in my main blog..

  7. Thanks, Reana. I'm following your blogs too.

    I saw that show too. Could be as you've suggested, the restaurant owner got the name from there :p. Quite an old show.


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