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Thursday, 15 October 2009

Cameron Highland, Pasar Malam

Last round we came, I didn't get to go to the Pasar Malam. So this is how the Pasar Malam looked like. Located in Brinchang. Opposite the Police Station.

Sat on Papa's shoulder to get a Bird's Eye View.

Strawberries. When Mamarazzi inquire, it's RM15/box and some stall selling RM10/box. Not cheap. Mamarazzi can get from KL Pasar Malam for the slightly smaller size of box for RM4.

The famous Pearl Corn of Cameron. Suddenly sprung up everywhere. Selling RM10 per longgok. Around 6-8pieces per longgok depending on size.

Sweet Potatoes Balls. Got purple colour ones too.

Strawberry jams. Priced around RM6-RM8/bottle depending on stall.

Hugging Papa. Refused to go into Car Seat coz bum bum tired of sitting. However, I finally relented after Mamarazzi gave me THE LOOK. Once Mamarazzi give me THE LOOK, I've better watchout.

Stopped at another Pasar near the Equatorial hotel. Chrysenthemum. Waaa....even got blue ones ah?

Don't know what flower is this but very weird one. The seller says if kena sunlight it will open. Can make into "Fake Flower" too. Don't let it kena sunlight. Cut off the stem and make own flower arrangement.

Mamarazzi buy so much ah? Not expecting me to carry gua???

We came back to KL with Strawberry jam.

Blueberry jam. Tarak traffic jam.

Lotsa Pearl Corn but later discovered that this batch was not as good as previous batch. The seed not fully grown

Pomelo from Ipoh. That's another story.

Seedless Guava from Bidor Rest Area. Rather expensive at RM6/kg

Persimon from KEA farm Market at RM10 per packet. One packet have about 8pieces.

Last but not least, FREE biscuits from the Pomelo vendor for me!


  1. The boy must be enjoying himself tremendously lah,, cool weather,so many things to see, good foods,,, and he must be really liking the strawberries,,,,

    And you must have got yourself full with shopping bags, roses,fruits, teas, and some kilos on yourself too, right ?

    take care now, the weekend is coming fast

  2. Actually the foodstuff at the pasar malam in Cameron not cheap. They used dye to colour the flowers! LOL

  3. Eugene- Surprisingly Joshua don't really like Strawberries. We just bought some jam, corn and persimons. The jam are real nice. Regret didnt buy the rose petal jam.

    LPM- Ya lo...last round we went to buy pomelo, he got 1 stick of sugus and a piece of biscuit from the vendor(different one). This round lagi bagus. A whole packet of biscuit. I wonder next round.... LOL

    Pete- Agree that it's not cheap. Tourist = Water fish ma... :p

  4. I missed this place. My childhood holiday. Dad used to bring us to Genting & Cameron for our long term school holidays. He like cool weather, so he brought us to these hill tops for holidays! haha...but I always vomit in the car whenever I travelled to Cameron. ;-(

  5. Sorry to hear that you have motion sickness when going up Cameron. Now still have? I find that going up from Simpang Pulai is less winding and less cars. Much better than Tapah side. But 1 thing is that there is not much view from Simpang Pulai side. Rather surprised to see some peole stop by the roadside and gather water from the mountain.

  6. I like the blue chrysenthemum looks so special,

    And the bidor seedless guava is my favorite fruit!


  7. I like the Guava too. We didn't turn in to Bidor or else it would be cheaper.


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