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Saturday, 31 October 2009


I was bullied by this little fella. This naughty fella is called Shin Chan(La Pha Siu Sang). He loves to immerse himself in cold water. And when somebody pour hot water on his head, he would "shh shh".

I was admiring him when he was taking a bath. Then somebody pour hot water on his head and he shh shh all over me!

See my face! All wet liao!


  1. oh dear.. sek sek.. someone means your mama perhaps?? hahaa.. never mind smallkucing, she is just teasing u.. :)

  2. LOL ! My mum bought this toy too when she went to China a few years back.! But poor Joshua.

  3. Hahaha! That is cute!! Hmm, where do you get this fella?? Maybe I will get one for my brother. Shin Chan is his favourite comic character when he was young! :p

  4. Guilty as charged, Reana :p.

    New toy but "3 mins heat" only, mNhL.

    Rose, It's from China. Given by a friend.Not sure where to find in Msia.

  5. Hahaha cute! I think more fun if put cold water also can. Then my kids would love to play it. They love to play with water nowadays. Hehehe


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