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Monday, 5 October 2009

Back With A Vengence

Help! The Mosquitoes are back with a vengence. Mamarazzi spray frequently everyday, put mosquitoes repellent on me, on the electrical mosquitoes repellent thingy 24 hours a day and even resort to using mosquitoes coil. No water "bertakung" in the house. And yet the Mosquitoes kept chasing me and biting me. My blood sweeter is it? How ah? How ah?


  1. Spray on the wall outside your house around 6pm...the smell will stays can last for one night....mosquitoes will stay away from your house!

  2. Spray inside and outside already and yet the mosquitoes still comes. Guess these mosquitoes got H1N1 flu kot? Can't smell or immuned to the spray. I used sheltox, fumilkilla and even Ridsect...No effect. :(


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