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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Another Havoc Cause By Management Commitee and/or Developer

Gossip! Gossip! Gossip! Another hot news about the Management Committee or the Developer of the apartment.

Fuiyoh! Got FIERCE DOG and the POLICE came oh!

The cerita is like this.

Some time last year, the Management Committee of the apartment have in the AGM passed a motion to install auto-gate. There was no Minutes of the AGM posted/given to those who did not attend. In fact, every year they didn't post any Minutes nor Final Accounts for the Residents. By right, they should do that to let all Residents know was had gone on in the AGM and to show transparency in the management of funds. Since Auto-Gate is a BIG issue, they should informed those who didn't attend to get their consent or as a courtesy.

The Auto-Gate was implemented in June this year. There are a lot of protest from Residents which fell in deaf ears.

In order to get the Access Card(AC), the Houseowner have to up date their Maintenance Fees.

The thing is, each units is given a Carpark.

Not giving Access Card to those who have arrears in their Maintenance Fees is equivalent to denying the Residents right to access the Parking Lot.

This "Committee" dare not say out in black and white, No Pay No Entry, as it would infringed the Residents right. They come out with words like "pay half now and pledge to pay" and "promise to pay" the balance later.

Nevertheless, some Residents refused to get the Access Card as a matter of Principle or some can't pay.

Meantime, the "Committee" got bolder. Went and cut a hole at the fence and put in a stair for "Pejalan Kaki". Excuse me....what about those who are on Wheel Chair or like Mamarazzi who have to use one hand hold my hand and another to push the shopping cart?

Then they shifted the Motorcyle Lane to the back of the Guardhouse. Only one lane for going in and going out. If got two lembu wants to go in and another wants to go out how? This is inviting trouble isn't it?.

That is the head and tail of what leads to today's confrontation.

Some very "clever" people, not sure from the "Committee" or the developer thought up a very "clever" idea.

The fella bring in a FIERCE DOG (Ahem...aren't there a Rulling that says no dog allowed in the apartments?). Not sure it's his pet or it's allegedly there to intimidate those that did not present Access Card and wants to go to the Carpark.

Don't play play oh. The DOG was very FIERCE. When Papa walk to the Guardhouse to find out what's happening, the dog tried to bite Papa. Even the "clever" fella can't control it and give Papa hand signal to stand back. Stupid or not? If the fella's pet have bitten Papa, he would certainly sued his Axxxxxe to the 18th Level of Hell.

There was Malay Man who is obviously EXTREMELY angry. Maybe he sees it as a type of "intimidation" and called the Police. Come on la..they don't let him in to park and alledgedly threatened him with a dog wor...Who won't be angry? Moreover, Muslim very pantang about dog. They are not allow to touch a dog that is wet.

Fuiyo...When the Polices came...not 1 car. If not mistaken there are THREE Cars. The Malay Man must be "somebody" to be able to get so many to come.

Then can hear the "clever fella" whispering to his colleagues..."Psss...police ah".

There was a shouting match.

Mamarazzi brought me upstairs and get me settled down. She dares not take any photos during the confrontation. By the time she got upstairs and dug for the camera, the show was over. The Guards and the "clever fella" guai-guai let the Residents in for those with or without Access Card.


  1. Maintenance fee is always a problem, why these people don't want to pay?

  2. But preventing access is not the way to do it as some are just renting.

    Should give owners warning letters. By 3rd warning still doesn't pay the send Legal Notice of Demand. RM52-50 only. Sure the owners scared.

    What I geram about is that they didnt do much maintenance. Dirty corridors, graffiti on the walls, spoiled playground and etc.

    Moreover Result of AGM and the Final A/c never give a set to each owner.

    The Management Committee of my other apartment is very good. Sure to give a set of Minutes of AGM and Final A/c to every onwer though they can't attend.

  3. drama to watch for that day loh!

  4. That's the "fun" part living in apartment, Alice. Always have "drama". Kalah Astro.


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