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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Ah Wang Bak-Kut-Teh, Old Klang Road (Part 2)

Here we are again. At Ah Wang Bak-Kut-Teh, 4 1/2 mile Old Klang Road. Mamarazzi didn't get to eat the steamed fish. This round nak baham betul-betul.

Mamarazzi didn't know that it's confined to Steamed Fish Head only.Not whole fish. Well, what to do. Just ordered la. Mamarazzi ordered medium size to be steam with ginger. Quite a lot of meat but have to be careful of the bones. Don't know what fish is that. Price RM24. Reasonable. Taste good.

Chicken Wine. Very very tasty. Chicken is cut into bite size. Can taste the wine in the chicken meat too.Mamarzzi just loves the ginger. They cut it so fine till it's like bihun. How did they do that? Price RM11 for 1 person.

Last but not least the BKT. Yummy. RM16 for 2 person

Yau Mak RM8 or was it RM7? Forgot la. Taste very crunchy. Hate it when some shop over cook this dish.

After such a nice dinner, best thing to do is to go "play chess with Chow Kung".


  1. Looks delicious! Aunty is going hungry already! Joshua looks so handsome and cute in that sleeping photo. :-)

  2. Gave you 2 Nuffy and 1 Biddy smiles today! :)

  3. Haha...the last line u describe "play chess" is very funny. hehe...and the steam fish head with like this dish too! Like the famous Chan Sow Lin fish head (under the tree). Btw, $miled

  4. Where exactly is the Chan Sow Lin Fish Head Shop ah? I search can't find. Also the famous Wan Tan Mi. Have address or Telephone number?

    Yup Alice, it's delicious. Thanks for the nuffy and biddy. Vote vote.

  5. Wah after dinner terus tidur.....must have eaten lots of food!

  6. Hahahah~~ Who wins the chess game? kekeke~~~

  7. Tummy full full. Happy. Best thing to do is sleep :). As for who won the game...nobody..the game left to be continue the next day :)


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