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Saturday, 31 October 2009


I was bullied by this little fella. This naughty fella is called Shin Chan(La Pha Siu Sang). He loves to immerse himself in cold water. And when somebody pour hot water on his head, he would "shh shh".

I was admiring him when he was taking a bath. Then somebody pour hot water on his head and he shh shh all over me!

See my face! All wet liao!

Friday, 30 October 2009

Goodies From HK/China

What's this that Aunty Siew brought back from HK/China?

Lou Por Peah? Wah manyak mahal leh. I am not married yet, can eat ah?

Ooooo..Ginseng Tea. Good for Mamarazzi. Always stay up late to read books.

This one can eat ka? Saliva meleleh ni. Arrrr....another type of tea. Smell very nice. Like rose. Slimming Tea. For Papa?

What else?

Panda key chain!

Selit into my armpit 1st.

Mine! All MINE! Mamarazzi not allow to touch.

Football jersey and pants.

Ada gaya tak? A bit big but no problem.

Maybe I'll be the next David Beckham....

Thank you very much Aunty Siew and Kor Kor Andrew.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

I Love Mango

Yayay! Mamarazzi bought Mango.

I love eating Mango. I can finish one all by myself if Mamarazzi didn't stop me. But one thing hor...after eating mango, my bum bum kept going "proot! Proot! Proot!". Each time "proot" I would laugh but Mamarazzi would scold me for being disgusting.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Jagung Teether

Grrrrr...geram...I am teething again. Despite my "old" age, a full set of teeth has yet to show itself in my gums. This round is the molars.

I hate Teether. I throw it away every time that Mamarazzi gave one to me.

Then she hit upon this mad idea of giving me a piece of Jagung to sink my teeth in.

Hmmm ...good also...can eat and can get rid some of my geram-geram...

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Tony Roma at The Garden

What to eat? Where to eat?

Makan Roti?

Don't want. I want to makan there.

Papa : Tony Roma's?
Me : Yes yes yes
Mamarazzi : Ok

That one is cute.

Uh! up there got light.

Alamak! Too bright. Cannot see.

Tony Roma's

Halloween Celebration!

Kid's Menu cum something to occupied the kids with.


I am really hungry. Eat a biscuit first?

Come here ask me to eat biscuit. Got order food for me or not? Got ah. Monday to Wednesday kid eat for FREE here ah?

Admiring the surrounding.

Another gigantic drink?

Soft Drink free refill. Comes with Set Lunch.

Soup of the Day. Comes with some Crackers. Very nice Crackers.

Beef Soup. Mamarazzi love it. Something different from the usual Mushroom Soup or Tomato Soup.

A very lonely Roti.

Eat with this thing. Don'tknow what it's called.

The Roti is a bit too chewy for me but both Papa and Mamarazzi is okay with it.

Yay! My free meal. Papa selected pasta for me.

Alamak! forgot that we are in a Restaurant. Ate till very messy. A note. Next time cannot order pasta. Order burger or fish and chip for me.

Roma’s Sampler which consisted of Boneless Bites, Potato Skins and their signature Half Onion Loaf.

Boneless Buffalo Bites- Mamarazzi doesn't like this. Tasted weird to her. Kinda sour and spicy and...aiya simply put it as weird la. Papa laughed at Mamarazzi expression when she tasted this thing. I also don't like.

Potato Skins- Aha! this is DELICIOUS! Must try.

Half Onion Loaf-Mamarazzi don't like onion so she didn't eat. Papa ate and said that it's a bit too oily.

Asian Salad with Grill Chicken Strips. Aiyo! Minyak turun harga ka? Way too much oil.

Nevertheless, must try a bit of the Chicken Strips.

AAAAAaaaaaaaHHH! Water! Water! Water! Wayyyyy to spicy and the salad too oily. Not the thing for us. In fact we barely touch it.

Fillet Mignon. Mamarazzi loves it. Sekejap aje habis telan.

I give it a thumbs up too. free sundae. Taste very good. Not too sweet.

Overall, a rather satisfying meal.
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