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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Playing At Pantai Kemasek

After a long long journey, we finally reached Pantai Kemasek. Can walk around the beach but swimming is strictly prohibited. Water is very clear.

Arghhhhh....shy shy la....walk around with diapers only ka?

I feel so insecure.

Mamarazzi! Help!!!! the sand is very ticklish.

RUN!!!! Giant waves is chasing me!

Argh! kena bully by naughty Papa.

Papa..hold my hand tight tight ya

Ahoy! there. I saw a fisherman's boat.

Photo time. Smile...

Eee...what's that?

It's my tiny foot print on the sand. Cute ya.

Family photo time.


  1. Where is this pantai, I mean in what state? Like the photos of Joshua...he looks very cute! Is this his first time experiencing walking on the sandy beach? Gave you a smile too!

  2. It's in Trengganu. He had been to the beach before but I guess the sandy beach just tickle his feet. Kinda scared at first coz the wave was real strong. Cannot swim at that beach. Just play water. Think gotta bring him to PD, Morib or the bagan lalang beach so that he can swim. Any idea nearby KL got "clean" beach?

  3. Beaches nearest to KL is limited to just Pantai Remis (on the way from Kapar in Klang to Kuala Selangor) and Pulau Carey's beach. But Pulau Carey's beach is cleaner than Pantai Remis.

  4. YX is so afraid of beach. Bought him to PD and he only cling to me. He dare not step onto the sands. At least your boy dares to stand there. hehe

  5. Good idea wor, Alice. Can kill two bird with one stone. Can go and eat fresh seafood too. Thanks a lot. Will tell the "driver" to make time to go.kekeke

    mNhl, J was also afraid initially. Want to run back but after awhile with the father holding his hand, he was no longer afraid. In fact when it's time to go, he refused. Cheeky boy.


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