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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Ikan Bakar Dataran Shah Bandar, Kuala Trengganu

My Yee Poh know a many Bazaar Ramadan. That evening we went to visit the nearest Bazaar Ramadan at Dataran Shah Bandar. Very smokey. Lotsa Satay, goreng-goreng, ayam guling, Keropok lekor, Ikan Bakar other goodies.

Mamarazzi fell in love. Not with this guy.But with the Ikan Bakar from this stall.

Very DELICIOUS looking and the smell simply smells very good. There are many types of ikan bakar offered

Mamarazzi "chup" this one. It's called Ikan Barak. Not much bone and taste very good. Nearly every day Mamarazzi bought Ikan Bakar from this stall.

Udang Bakar. Price varies daily. On last Friday this platter of Udang was RM15.

There are also sotong bakar

Ketam Bakar

The sambal for this Ikan Bakar taste very good. Add with a bit of lime juice...yummy. Well, Mamarazzi did inquire whether they have permanent stall elsewhere after the Ramadan period. Too bad the Boss said they only during Ramadan month. Normal day, they are fishermen. Looks like Mamarazzi will have to wait till next year for Ikan Bakar again loh


  1. Oh No! I think the food making me drooling . Terengganu so far eh! Smiled for you!

  2. gotta try ikan bakar one fine day.

    i'm following you. dont mind do you?

    From me to you, suejean =)

  3. I know Trengganu has some nice Malays food. But must know where to find it too.

  4. I don't know where to find good food in K.T too.Lucky there is Joshua's Yee Poh who know where to find all the goodies.:)

    Thanks SJ, am following you too. :)

  5. The fishes look fantastic with the sambal on top! And sotong bakar is one of my favourites. Yummmyyyy.....

  6. Ikan Barat is very tasty when bbq!

  7. mNhl & Pete : whats more is that's cheap! The fella is a fisherman or selling fish. Part time doing ikan bakar during Ramadan month. Unlike KL, 1 fish like that at leastRM15 to rm18

  8. That is called Ikan Barak? I see.
    We called it "dai ngan yu" in cantonese.
    I love to steam the fish and feed Sarah. As you said, very nice taste and the best thing is boneless.

  9. Sarah's Daddy and Mommy

    ooo...that is what it's called in Cantonese wonder i go pasar ask they don't know.kekeke


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