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Thursday, 3 September 2009

Fook Hin Bak Kut Teh Restaurant, Seri Kembangan

Sure or not? I thought this is a Bak Kut Teh Restaurant. How come it looked like seafood restaurant geh?

Geoduck? Fuiyoh! It's bigger than me!

Mantis Prawns. Very large.

More prawns.

Fish. Is that"Tiger Fish"? Sorry la..Mamarazzi doesn't know how to read Chinese. Only recognised the word "old" as in old Mamarazzi. Hahaha..

Huh? Sure or not? Chair also not sit hot yet(direct translation from Cantonese), food arrived.

Marmite Prawns. Big, fresh, juicy and delicious. Portion for 5 person (Yup, they didn't count me again) RM30.

Seong Thong Lala. Similar cooking style as Loong Grill Fish Restaurant. Cooked with Kei Zhi. This one taste nicer. Don't know why. Could be the Lala is fresher? Just look at the fat and juicy Lala. RM11.

Tung Poh Meat(Pork). Mamarazzi ngap 3 big fat pieces. Papa also ngap many pieces coz he said the doctor report shows that his collestrol is low. But the Man Tao taste so-so only. RM18.

Four Heavenly Emperor but missing the Petai. Petai is on Annual Leave kot? Sedap. RM8.

Yau Mak. Not over cooked. Crunchy. RM8

Sliced Steamed Haruan. This one is uh~la~la..... the "soup" is simply heavenly. Just nice to eat with rice. RM28.

I polished off half a plate of rice with the gravy from Tong Poh Meat and Fish.

See! Everyone are busy eating non-stop.

Aiks! Aunty Siew stopped so fast? Or just rest for awhile?

Complimentary dessert. Jelly and orange.

Here is the address and operating hours of the restaurant. If Public Holiday or Special Occassion, you better call and make a reservation or else you will have to wait for place.

The place kinda hard to find. Here is a map from the back of the business card. Happy Hunting!


  1. OMG ! The foods look so delicious. How come they did not serve bak kut teh, but the restaurant name is bak kut teh leh? Or you all did not order?

  2. this place look familiar, I think I have came here before. all the food make me drooling . Have do some :) for you ya!

  3. For more than 5 years this restaurant been serving "chow choy sik farn". Could be that they initially was BKT restaurant but change line of business without changing the name.

    Have you been to Hoi Thong Eat-All-You-Want Steamboat, Mummy Moon? This restaurant is located next to Hoi Thong. Hoi Thong is very famous in Seri Kenbangan


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