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Sunday, 27 September 2009

Did You See That?

After a few days for visiting Kong Kong and Mah Mah, it's finally time to go home. Having a relaxing drive. Papa said, if the weather is good, we can stop at Panati Kemasek for awhile.


Did you see that? Fancy carrying a baby in a riding a motorcycle like that! Haiz..if langgar sure go to heaven liao. Hah! then start to blame the car driver, blame the road, blame the government and everyone. Well,nevermind la..if one kid die, can always give birth to another kids, right? Adult? How can a small kid like me know whats on their mind?

Ah...biarkanlah.... we are arriving McDonald. Maybe can get McDonald Breakfast?


  1. What to do? Sometimes, if poor, cannot afford to buy a car is like that loh. So if baby sick have to go see doctor, no choice loh, have to depend on the motorcylce ride to get there. Poor is just like that. So for those of us who have at least a car, it's time to count our blessings! :-)

  2. Blame it on the enforcement officers and lousy public transport system!

  3. I always saw this situation too.. Sometimes not only one baby in between, more than one kid.. Imagine~~~~~

  4. If poor people never mind. But some they have cars at home but use motorcyle since it's faster and jimat petrol. This fella even ran over a red light. terrible.

  5. Wah...if can until run red light, then I really dunno what to say about these parents....


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