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Sunday, 6 September 2009


Aaahhh...I learn how to dig my nose liao. Am feeling much better today after vomiting for two days due to my BIG GIGI.

Tell you hor...Mamarazzi and Papa very bad. Bully me when I was sick.

Papa saw that I vomit vomit and poo poo watery. He told Mamarazzi NOT to give me drink MILK. *Sob*Sob*. Milk milk is my life leh. I was angry with Papa.

When I woke up, I was very very hungry. Mamarazzi gave me some biscuits to eat coz it's easy on the stomach. When Mamarazzi asked for a piece of biscuit, I gave her. When Papa asked for a piece of biscuit, I didn't give. Papa don't give me milk. I don't give Papa biscuit.

But later on, Papa pujuk me. Papa went out and bought Ribena. Let me drink Ribena. So I friend friend with Papa again.

Then I lay down on the floor and kissy the floor. Papa told me to get up coz he say the floor is cold and dirty. And that I am still sick sick. Cannot lay down on the flloor like that. I didn't listen to Papa.

Then I heard Mamarazzi talking to Papa. Mamarazzi said "Cham loh! Joshua boy very sick ah. He is so sick that he cannot get up from the floor! Must bring him to see Dr Surinder liao and jab-jab his bum-bum!"

Hearing that, I stood up straightaway to show that I am not sick and I don't want jab-jab.

Papa and Mamarazzi saw me stood up and they laughed. Bad bad Mamarazzi bully me! Used scare tactic! Tak Aci! I merajuk liao! Sampai hati Mamarazzi bully me like that! I am a very good boy wor.

Just the other day I helped Mamarazzi. She was watching TV. The show was very kan cheong. I was running about and ter-bumped into my bamboo chair. Ter-vomit a bit of water on the chair. Seeing Mamarazzi was engrossed with the show, I went and took a piece of tissue paper and wiped the vomit from the chair. Mamarazzi didn't even realise what I was doing till she saw me wiping the chair.

Hmph! I merajuk! Don't wanna friend Mamarazzi.


  1. poor smallkucing.. sick some more kena bully hoh.. but I am sure Mamarazzi and papa just want to cheer you up.. you go friend them la.. :D

  2. Cute post. Peterazzi also want ribena leh! he he he! LOL!

  3. Cynthia - Baru 1 1/2 years old already pandai merajuk. Dunno what he'll be when he is older. Daily sure have new "show"

    Peterrazzi wan ribena you'll have to friend friend with the smallkucing first loh. Very kedekut when it comes to his favourite food and drinks. kekeke


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