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Friday, 25 September 2009

Another Bazaar Ramadan At K.Trengganu

Aiyoyo! so many Bazaar Ramadan in K.Trengganu. I lost track liao where is this.

Not many people selling. Still early kot?

Looks interesting there.

Sure Uncle Pete's son would be interested .

Ayam goreng. You like chicken wing? Drumstick, Thigh? or even neck? This abang got it there.

The ApamBalik looks crunchy but I still preferred the SS2 Pasar Malam ones. The stall next to the Food Court add some coconut into the Apam Balik making it special. Lain dari yang lain.

Uiks? Whats that I see?

Spiderman! jeng~jeng~jeng~

Not buying for me ah???See only ah?

What's that? Pop Pop. Also not buying for me ah? Cheh tarak syok geh this Bazaar Ramadan.


  1. Ha ha, Real colourful air bandung, true, my son will bug me to buy if he was there! No spiderman, no pop pop! Waaaaaaaaaaaaa! I want I want!

  2. LPM:So many bazaar there. Everyday asso bazaar..hahahaha.

    Pete:I think your son would prefer the dragon fruit air bandung that you made

  3. Wahseh... Terengganu has soooo much yummy food. Got toys and entertainment for kids too :-)

  4. Wah..u must be enjoying yourself at the bazaar ramadhan. Just gave u a $mile.

  5. Boey Joey : Trengganu quite developed now. Even got a GIANT and MYDIN there

    mHhL : Thank$.

  6. crunchy apam balik! yummy!

    From me to you, suejean =)

  7. SJ- Didnt buy the apam balik wor..To me the best one still is at SS2 pasar malam


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