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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Restaurant Sin Tong Kok, Sri Jaya

Once again we were at Restaurant Sin Tong Kok, Sri Jaya. A break for lunch on a long journey back to KL.

This Restaurant is famous for it's Pau. price listed as above. Very weird. seems that the pau only available after 12pm. And normally by 2pm-3pm, habis liao. I love it's Tau Sar Pau.

But this round, we had proper lunch instead of pau. Mamarazzi ordered Cantonese Fried Keow Teow and Bihun.

Also a plate of Fried Rice for me.

Papa wanted Mixed Vegetables. Huh? They added sotong too.

Don't know why. The food this round weren't nice. too salty. Garam turun harga kot?

Well,if anyone happen to passby this place and want to order their pau(I recommend Tau Sar Pau), do give them a call first. Just in case no more pau. Tel: 09-4789861.

Mamarazzi saw they are selling freshlymade Egg Tarts too. Many people bought. I can't comment coz Mamarazzi didn't buy. Looks nice though.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Playing At Pantai Kemasek

After a long long journey, we finally reached Pantai Kemasek. Can walk around the beach but swimming is strictly prohibited. Water is very clear.

Arghhhhh....shy shy la....walk around with diapers only ka?

I feel so insecure.

Mamarazzi! Help!!!! the sand is very ticklish.

RUN!!!! Giant waves is chasing me!

Argh! kena bully by naughty Papa.

Papa..hold my hand tight tight ya

Ahoy! there. I saw a fisherman's boat.

Photo time. Smile...

Eee...what's that?

It's my tiny foot print on the sand. Cute ya.

Family photo time.

Monday, 28 September 2009

No McD ?

Huh? What happen?

I thought there is a BiG Banner says McD open 24hours? Hah? Puasa month McD not open so early ah? Opens in the afternoon after 3pm ka?

Hmmmpfh! Angry. If like that don't put banner says open 24 hours la. Tak dapat makan McD. Tidur la.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Did You See That?

After a few days for visiting Kong Kong and Mah Mah, it's finally time to go home. Having a relaxing drive. Papa said, if the weather is good, we can stop at Panati Kemasek for awhile.


Did you see that? Fancy carrying a baby in a riding a motorcycle like that! Haiz..if langgar sure go to heaven liao. Hah! then start to blame the car driver, blame the road, blame the government and everyone. Well,nevermind la..if one kid die, can always give birth to another kids, right? Adult? How can a small kid like me know whats on their mind?

Ah...biarkanlah.... we are arriving McDonald. Maybe can get McDonald Breakfast?

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Non-Stick Pan set From Courts Clearance Sale

New toy for me? Mamarazzi got this 4 piece non stick pan set from Courts Clearance Sale yesterday. Very cheap RM39 only. Quality wise, not sure. But hentam lah since Mamarazzi mainly wants the pot to cook Maggi Mee with no expectation for it to tahan more than 3-4 years.

I can play masak-masak too. Maybe get some recipe from Uncle Pete's blog like Chic-Kut-Teh?

Friday, 25 September 2009

Another Bazaar Ramadan At K.Trengganu

Aiyoyo! so many Bazaar Ramadan in K.Trengganu. I lost track liao where is this.

Not many people selling. Still early kot?

Looks interesting there.

Sure Uncle Pete's son would be interested .

Ayam goreng. You like chicken wing? Drumstick, Thigh? or even neck? This abang got it there.

The ApamBalik looks crunchy but I still preferred the SS2 Pasar Malam ones. The stall next to the Food Court add some coconut into the Apam Balik making it special. Lain dari yang lain.

Uiks? Whats that I see?

Spiderman! jeng~jeng~jeng~

Not buying for me ah???See only ah?

What's that? Pop Pop. Also not buying for me ah? Cheh tarak syok geh this Bazaar Ramadan.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Bazaar Ramadan At The Floating Mosque

Enough of Bazaar Ramadan at Dataran Shahbandar. This round, Yee Poh bring us to Bazaar Ramadan at the Floating Mosque. The Mosque is really floating on a lake of water.

I've seen it with my own eyes.

The Bazaar here was on a smaller scale. The usual food. Kuih-Muih

Something that looked like Cendol but not cendol.


Wah...drinks in the colours of rainbow. Fresh orange, grape, watermelon, honey dew and etc.

Gulai Kawah. Smell nice.

Rows and rows of Ayam Guling. Kalah Kenny Rogers.

Rojak and noodles
Yam yam yam Ayam!

Pulut lepa. Sure Kaw Kaw Lay Chit jealous when she saw this.

Well, Ramadan time. Makan tu makan, donate to donate la cikit kalau mampu..

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Paung Sambal Ikan and Nasi Minyak John, Dataran Shahbandar.

Another recommendation by Yee Poh is Paung Sambal Ikan. Said very nice and crunchy.

Just look at all those paung being fried in the big Kuali.

Yay! So this is where Mamarazzi's favourite Nasi Minyak disappeared to. Nasi Minyak John. Mamarazzi loves the beef. Very tender and the man give quite a big portion. RM3/pkt but must be with the rice too. They don't sell the lauk only.
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