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Sunday, 2 August 2009

Warehouse Sale Chasing - Pureen Warehouse Sale, Sect 19

Haiya..Mamarazzi ni tak puas-paus warehouse sale chasing. Pagi-pagi dah drag me up from my nice slumber. Say wanna go PUREEN WAREHOUSE SALE to get the UV Protection Lotion for me wor.
Arrived there 9.45a.m. already many people though the flyer said open at 10am.

Aunty Woo, here is your hoard. Baby detergent RM16/bottle(2litre). Mamarazzi not sure which one you want thus she just tembak two of each. Milk dispenser, the batang to wash the milk bottles, many milk bottles and wet wipes.
In exchange of all these stuffs, I want the durian ice-cream that you made ah.

Fragrance Free Wet Wipe same price as Anakku, RM3 for a packet of two. BPA Free Milk Bottles a set of 3 bottles for RM14. Not a bad price.

Then Mamarazzi beh tahan see soooooo many cute baby baju. She grabbed some jumpers pajama and a hooded long sleeve baju. Aiyo....all very cheap ranging from RM5 to RM8 only.

One more pair of shoes for baby and a pair of socks. Hopefully that it will fit. Too bad this round no shoes for me.

Finally we comes to my hoard. Baby lotions RM9/bottle. Expensive if compared to Anakku which was selling RM7/bottle yesterday. Size bigger too.
Very sad, no UV Protection Lotion this round. And Mamarazzi purposely go there for it. The lady said all along they never sell that item during warehouse sale. Hmm...but Mamarazzi DID get some from last year warehouse sale wor. A new milk dispenser at RM4, for me as I've "dismantled" the previous one. A new brush at RM2. And some sterilizer tablets at RM13/box.

After a VERY long search, Mamarazzi managed to get some baju for me. 3 pairs of pajama at RM8 each, 3 sets of T-shirt with pants at RM8-RM10 and a jean short at RM10.
I guess, Mamarazzi will have to switch to Anakku Warehouse sale from this day onwards coz I'm out grown Pride N' Joy brand of baju offered at this warehouse sale and moreover the lotions and bath price is much higher as compared to Anakku Warehouse Sale.


  1. "The 3 sets of T-shirts and pants for RM8-10"

    You mean 3 sets of the T-shirts and pants for that total price or each set of T-shirt(and pants) at RM8-10?

    Do leave a link of your blog post in the Pureen post of my warehouse sale blog. Thanks!

  2. Each set is between RM8 to RM10/. I forgot which one is RM8 and which is RM10 coz I took out the price tag to wash the clothes. Only after taking it out did I remember about blogging about the price. :P


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