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Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Warehouse Sale Chasing- Pay Less Book, 3K Inn

Waiting...what's keeping Mamarazzi so long. It's the 3rd warehouse sale that we went to today.

Pay Less Books Stock Clearance Sale again. This round it's at 3K Inn, Subang Jaya.

No many people as compared to previous sale. Nice and cooling venue.

Despite the nice venue, Mamarazzi only got 6 books for herself. Not that many choice. Mostly are repeated books from previous warehouse sale.

This round, Mamarazzi managed to get so kids books for me. This book got a toy cuff that when I press it would pop out. Cost RM4.

A Bible Colouring Story book with 4 stories inside, RM4. And a mini story book for RM2.

Best of the lot is the two musical books that Mamarazzi managed to find. This Muppets Christmas Song book cost RM12 but the music sound was nearly inaudible. Came home and Papa changed the batteries, everything is A-OK liao.

This one cost RM15 with hardcover pages inside but the musical thingy was not working. Mamarazzi tried to ask for a lower price but the girl refused to grant. Said the battery flat only.Papa changed the batteries and yet it's not working. Finally fed-up, Mamarazzi ripped the musical thingy from the book. Open up the screws. Papa tested and discovered that some wires are loose. Papa managed to fixed it. Glue back, changed the batteries and YIPEE ! I have another musical book liao. If at MPH, Mamarazzi thinks this book would cost around RM70.
Oh ya...Aunty Florence, when will you be coming to collect your four "Chicken Soup For The Soul" books?


  1. Good for Joshua, Papa fixed the electronics of the book, otherwise wasted only. By the way, the musical books Mamarazzi bought are very cheap and looks as good as new.

  2. The Pooh Bear musical book looks practically brand new. That's why I took the risk of buying it.


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