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Thursday, 27 August 2009

Wan Tan Mi, Sect 15 Shah Alam

Oh I nearly forgot ..the other day Papa had to go to Shah Alam. Mamarazzi and I followed. It was lunchtime when Papa finished his thingy. Mamarazzi recalled watching one episode of "5Meals 1Day" show which features good Wan Tan Mi in Shah Alam. However, she was not sure where about is that place. No address no shop name. She only remember that the shop is near a Bank

Pusing punya pusing...Mamarazzi still can't recall the place. Too hungry. So we decided to take a chance on this shop, Restaurant Champagne, which is a few doors away from RHB Bank

Both Papa and Mamarazzi ordered Wan Tan Mi. The noodle taste not bad. A plate of "small" Wan Tan Mi is RM3-80. Reasonable price

What's to take note is that the soup. No Wan Tan but it's replaced by fish balls. The fishball taste very very nice. And the soup is not your average Wan Tan Soup. Wonder what the Taukeh Niang put as the soup base. Don't think it's Ajinomoto coz not thirsty after drinking the soup.

Apart from that, Mamarazzi saw the Siew Yok looked very nice. Papa ordered a plate for two person. Alamak! when the thing comes...very big plate and the Siew Yok all very chunky. Taste fresh and crunchy. Mamarazzi thought...cham loh...must be at least RM20 coz when Mamarazzi buy RM10 Siew Yok from the market, they give only half of this.
Surprisingly, when time to pay the bill...the Siew Yok cost RM12 only. Next time if in this area must really go and tapau the Siew Yok.

Address : Restaurant Champagne, Jalan Utas 15/B, Sect 15, Shah Alam

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