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Friday, 7 August 2009

Tenji, Mont Kiara

Giddy-up! horsey! Yeee~ha~ woooo~ stop horsey.

Papa, Joshua boy hungry liao. Can makan here or not? Tenji. Famous for its Japanese Buffet. Very cheap. Week days RM39-90++ only.
The place was fully booked. The Jie-Jie managed to find place for us at the Terrace. No air-conditioning but quite cooling. In fact it's nicer than inside which was very crowded.


First thing that mamarazzi grabbed is C.o.c.o.n.u.t. Hmm...very refreshing drink. In fact, I drank 3 of these alone while Papa and Mamarazzi drank many many many.
For those whose doesn't like or can't drink coconut water, there are various types of fruits juice, tea(flower tea, white tea, black tea and etc), coffee(Latte, expresso and etc) and carbonated drinks. Wine and Beer not included into the Buffet

There are a lot of things to eat here. Mamarazzi managed to snapped some photos of the food offerred. For those things that is raw, you'll just need to place the little clip that gave to the bowl in front o the particular dish. They will cook for you and deliver to your table. Kor Kor Lay Chit, they have "Chuk Tan" here. One of your favourite. But no "belacan".


Clock wise: Salmon, oyster, steamed Cod Fish & various steamed fish.


All sorts of white meat, red meat and seafood ~ beef, chicken, lamb, fish, prawns and "siput".


Something that looked like Ikan Bilis, Grilled Brinjal, Fried Brinjal and Fish Fillet.


Fish, Prawn and crab. More to Malaysian style of cooking.


Don't play-play. They also have Dim Sum and Pau. Doesn't suit my taste. Well, it's Japanese Restaurant, right. Not Hong Kong Dim Sum shop.


Herbal Tea Eggs, Half Boiled Egg and Hard Boiled Egg. All are Papa's favourite.


Steamed Herbal Soup and Lala. Aunty Siew said Mamarazzi's soup tasted better. Lala kurang Umph.


Various types os sushi. Mamarazzi doesn't eat sushi coz say got fishy smell. She doesn't like the seaweed. So, Mamarazzi can't comment whether it's good or not.


Wah!!!!! Mama MIA...many many many types of Pudding and Jelly. Tak aci. Mamarazzi only took two for me coz she said too sweet for her. She doesn't allow me to eat so much.


Uh~la~la~ many types of cakes, cookies and biscuits. Mamarazzi felt like she is in one of Enid Blyton stories. The Faraway Trees. Maybe in one of the Cakes and Cookies Land which Enid Blyton wrote about.

`For me, I enjoyed the most is Haagen Dass Ice Cream. Yummy!

Quite a variety of fruits.

Notwithstanding all the good food, what I enjoyed the most is playing with other kids who went for the buffet.

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