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Sunday, 9 August 2009

My BookXcess Xperience

I am so happy when Mamarazzi told me of this contest stated in BookXcess Blog. I feel like dancing. Jeng~jeng~jeng~

Topic is "write about your BookXcess experience and how it has made an impact in your life". What can I say about my BookXcess experience? It's a BIG thing to ponder.
It started when I was about 7 months "young" or rather when I was still in Mamarazzi's tummy. She did blogged about it. . Winnie who is a staff at BookXcess introduced Mamarazzi to many cute toy books for me. I still have them today.
If not mistaken, BookXcess was a "newborn" at the current premises around that time. But before that, BookXcess already exist in Amcorp Mall though in a smaller premises.
I was impatient to come out and see my Christmas presents that Papa and Mamarazzi bought for me. However, the Doctor says I have to wait another two months. Yup, when I came out, I enjoyed playing with those toy books especially Mr Snail. Love to bite Mr Snail.
Last December, Mamarazzi brought me to BookXcess again and we grabbed many goodies. Gift for everyone.
Mind you, Mamarazzi didn't visit BookXcess during Christmas time only. We went there other time too. And one very memorable time is when she got Brisingr from BookXcess at RM19-90 only. . Mamarazzi was so hyper that she finished the book within 48hours. And nearly forgot to feed me too! Uncle Newton also managed to get Hardcover copy of Brisingr from there too.
We are not rich people but we do like our books. BookXcess really contributed much to Mamarazzi's and mine book collection with the new books at an affordable price.
You know what Mamarazzi wish BookXcess can and will do in the future? Mamarazzi hopes that BookXcess will have something like MPH Online whereby people from other states and country can order books from BookXcess via Internet. Then Aunty Woo and Kor Kor Jon won't have to wait till school holiday to get their books from BookXcess. So...what do you say, BookXcess? Can?
And oh ya...Happy Birthday to YOU!


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