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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

H1N1 Pandemic

Hate watching TV News nowadays. Haiz... 6 more death due to H1N1 virus. And 32% of Global H1N1 cases and 21% of Global H1N1 death yesterday are from Malaysia!
Before the flu arrived at Malaysian shore, the Government says "No problem. We have full detailed plan on how to tackle this virus".
When virus reach Malaysian shore, every Tom Dick and Harry is busy debating the usage of the term "SWINE FLU". Where is unity in fighting this Pandemic? There is only "unity" to argue on the usage of the term "SWINE FLU".
To most people "it's just flu with a new name. That's all." And some says "Considering the number of people dead from dengue, this is nothing. Dengue related death in M'sia is more than death from H1N1 in the whole world!!!".
Hey! YOU! Wake up!
In Malaysia death due to Dengue from January 2009 to 13 July 2009 are 62 cases. That is an average of 8 cases monthly.
Death due to H1N1 from...when was that..April (?) to 11 August 2009 are 40 cases. Average 10 case per month?
Who still insist that this is just a flu with a new name?
What is Government and Private Organisation doing about it? Still the "Tidak apa" attitude? Or the " won't affect me for I am God Sent".
Why not instead of and/or on top of distributing Jalur Gemilang for Merdeka Day Celebration this year, they distribute Masks and Hand Sanitizer too? Just like the time there was SARS and Haze.
Papa...remember to use mask and hand sanitizer ya...don't be just another statistic.

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