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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Buffet Lunch at Noble House, K.L.(Part 2)

This is a very late post. Mamarazzi was busy chasing 5 warehouse sales over the weekend. Nearly a month ago, we were at Noble House again for it's Buffet Lunch.

I was very hungry that day cost didn't have much breakfast. Lets start. Can't wait anymore.

.This time, we had the Shark Fin Package. RM50++/person.
.The Shark Fin is stuffed into Chicken Wing. Taste good but the Chicken meat is a bit coarse.
. This is one of Mamarazzi's favourite. Neat little sack.
What's in it? Mushroom, Carrot, Oyster and some unidentify thingy. Nice when it's still warm.
.Peking Duck. Last round Mamarazzi didn't get to eat this coz finished very fast. Well, after tasting it...not much of a miss coz the sauce is a tad too salty.
.Nice crunchy " Siew Yok"
.*crying* I wanna eat on my own. Don't wanna be fed.
.Mamarazzi loves this. Baby otopus with seaweed.
.Don't know what it is but nice presentation.
Papa said this one taste good. Especially the top part.
.Beef...tak sedap.
.Satay Chicken? sedap but not many people is taking this.
.This one...okay la...not bad.
Another one of which that Papa Liked. Fried Prawns.
..Aiyoyo! Siput also dare to eat ah? Just too bad it's not in one piece. The meat was minced.
Top piece is some sort of fish. Bottom consist of pomelo and lemon. Delicious.
.Boiled vegetable. Funny. They put a bit of Lemon Juice. Delicious.
Another appetising dish. Pucuk Paku with Lime and fried "hay Bee'
.Meantime, I enjoyed myself being "Ice, Ice baby!"
Nice or not my Ice cream "Janggut"? ??? Too bad it's not cold enough or else it would be perfect.

Got bored sitting down. Managed to have Aunty Siew to bring me walk around the place.

And also playing Catch with Aunty Siew.


  1. Go and have a try la. The one without Sharkfin is RM38++. You get the same type of food. They have some mini pau for Juan Or too. But let me warn you first, their chicken wine soup is rather bland. Tarak wine taste. Tel :03-21458822 just in case you wanna make reservation.

  2. Thanks for the contact no. and additional info! :-)


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