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Monday, 31 August 2009

Ah Yap Char Keow Teow, Pandan Perdana(Update)

Huh...Long queue for Char Keow Teow. But then again this Ah Yap Char Keow Teow memang terkenal sedap.

A nice hot plate of Char Keow Teow on a rainy morning.

Kaw Kaw Lay Chit, this CKT have Lap Cheong

Kaw kaw Lay Chit, This CKT have "See Hum"

Kaw Kaw Lay Chit, this CKT have prawns. Jom makan!

Updated from Taste still as good as last year.

Oh more thing. Don't forget to order the KOPI from this restaurant. Their Kopi really "KAU" enough. No curi ayam. Not like "monk wash hair water".

Remedy For Cough

Something new again. Remedy for cough. Errr...not sure for dry cough or cough due to flu.

Aunty Woo taught Mamarazzi this recipe. Cut the orange into nearly half. Stuff the middle of the orange with rock sugar. Double boil for at least 4 hours. And then drink the water while it's warm.
Papa was the Guinea Pig this time round. After taking this "remedy" can sleep better but still coughing coz Papa was naughty. Mamarazzi asked to drink while it's warm, but he drank it cold and what's more is that he added ice......haiz.....wasted Mamarazzi 4 hours.

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Subang Teow Chew Claypot Bak Kut Teh(Update)

Uiks!?? Wassup, doc?

You remember Mamarazzi's blog ? Seems that this nice little Bak-Kut-Teh restaurant relocated to 45, Jalan Alfa F U6/F, Subang Permai, 40150 Shah Alam. Hmm...must be to make way to the road construction. Hope Papa will bring Mamarazzi and me to the new shop and eat soon.

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Dragonfly vs Moth

One night about two weeks ago, a Dragonfly flew into the house. Scary scary as I've never seen a Dragonfly before. I hugged Mamarazzi very tightly and refused to let go. It flew around the living room looking for place to "land". Making a lot of noise.

Finally it landed on the wall by the sofa. Poor creature, the tips of its wings was a bit crumple due to crashing into the light.

A week later...aiks another creature flew in again during night time. This time I was not scared coz it didn't make much noise.

It landed on a towel. Sorry la...Mamarazzi's phone camera is not that clear. Mamarazzi said it's a Moth. Must be sesat from some where. It "hang" around for awhile and disappeared after that. Which one is cuter?

Friday, 28 August 2009

FEEDJIT Live Traffic Feed

This morning Mamarazzi had a pleasant surprise. Since installing FEEDJIT Live Traffic Feed, she can know where her readers are coming from. She noticed that one of the reader arrived from She was rather surprised and puzzled.

She track back the link . linked this blog to their website. Mamarazzi remembered. She did wrote in and praised Pixart for helping to make such a nice Coffee Table Photo Book for me. I still have it with me and whenever Papa not around, I would take the photo book and mumble " bababababa".

Hmm...this FEEDJIT thingy is real useful ya.

The Christmas Train- David Baldacci

Let me tell you this..Mamarazzi is book mad. Last night she finished this book in one sitting. I slept. I woke up. I slept again. Mamarazzi was still burning midnite oil or is it electricity now?. What's so good about this book ah?

Mamarazzi got it from one of TIMES BookStore Warehouse sale at RM10 for 3 books. Hardcover.

She said this book very "Kan Cheong". Got mystery, got romance, got near tragedy and got comedy. About this fella Tom Langdon who is a writer had to ride a train to L.A coz he was banned from flying coz he lost his temper at the airport Securities.

On the train he met with all sorts of people. And very unexpectedly, he met his old flame which he still carry a torch for. Then there is this weird lady Agnes Joe which everybody seems to know. A young couple who runaway from home to get marry on the train despite their parent disapproval of their marriage. There is one very obnoxious lawyer on board who likes to make people's life miserable. And there seems to be a thief on board of the train. There is also a famous movie director on board and decided to join venture with Tom to make a movie about train rides and sponsor the young couple's wedding. Also Tom's current girlfriend show up just when Tom and his old flame were going to reconcile. Huh...then there was this BIG avalanche which trapped the train in a very dangerous mountain side.
Wah....all very "Kan Cheong". A very worthy buy.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Wan Tan Mi, Sect 15 Shah Alam

Oh I nearly forgot ..the other day Papa had to go to Shah Alam. Mamarazzi and I followed. It was lunchtime when Papa finished his thingy. Mamarazzi recalled watching one episode of "5Meals 1Day" show which features good Wan Tan Mi in Shah Alam. However, she was not sure where about is that place. No address no shop name. She only remember that the shop is near a Bank

Pusing punya pusing...Mamarazzi still can't recall the place. Too hungry. So we decided to take a chance on this shop, Restaurant Champagne, which is a few doors away from RHB Bank

Both Papa and Mamarazzi ordered Wan Tan Mi. The noodle taste not bad. A plate of "small" Wan Tan Mi is RM3-80. Reasonable price

What's to take note is that the soup. No Wan Tan but it's replaced by fish balls. The fishball taste very very nice. And the soup is not your average Wan Tan Soup. Wonder what the Taukeh Niang put as the soup base. Don't think it's Ajinomoto coz not thirsty after drinking the soup.

Apart from that, Mamarazzi saw the Siew Yok looked very nice. Papa ordered a plate for two person. Alamak! when the thing comes...very big plate and the Siew Yok all very chunky. Taste fresh and crunchy. Mamarazzi thought...cham loh...must be at least RM20 coz when Mamarazzi buy RM10 Siew Yok from the market, they give only half of this.
Surprisingly, when time to pay the bill...the Siew Yok cost RM12 only. Next time if in this area must really go and tapau the Siew Yok.

Address : Restaurant Champagne, Jalan Utas 15/B, Sect 15, Shah Alam

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Papaya Soup

Mamarazzi boiled a new type of soup. It's called Papaya Soup. Mamarazzi said she have not boil this soup for quite some time already. Taste weird. I don't like it much. But after awhile..taste grows on me. What's in it? Papaya which is half ripe, peanuts, "big head" vege and pork bones. Wanna try?

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Potty Training

Mamarazzi have been trying to get me potty trained for a few months, to no avails. Wong Fei Hung Stance?

How to sit? Both legs goes in ah?

I think I use this pail as my potty better. Can fit my whole body in.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Restaurant Madam Lim's, next to Giant Kelana Jaya

After a tiring day of shopping, It's time to cari makan. Gonna try out this Restaurant Madam Lim which is next to Giant Hypermarket at Kelana Jaya.
What do they have here? Normal malay food.

Mamarazzi ordered a Jumbo apple juice. Nice. Not too sweet.

Papa's Nasi Paprik. Huh huh huh...not nice geh. Too spicy. But I finished half a plate of rice with Mamarazzi's Kuey Toew Gravy

Mamarazzi's Beef Koey Teow. The Beef is tender but the Keoy Teow have a funny taste. Weird. How come Mamarazzi is not laughing geh?

Sunday, 23 August 2009


Mamarazzi's friend wrote an interesting article on this H1N1 thingy.

Check it out at

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Friday, 21 August 2009

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Yay! I've Won!

Yay! Mamarazzi is one of the 5 winners of BookXcess Blog Bonanza. Mamarazzi said it's due to her clever writing. But I say, it's due to my cute Dokong Dance la. Wow! RM50 voucher. Must use immediately.

Got myself two books.

This one RM19-90. When pressed the buttons at the bottom it will product various vehichle sound. Worth the buy coz later when I am bigger I can read about various vehicles. Got pop out windows too.

Papa spotted this wonderful book. Jungle Book. Papa say I am like Mowgli. Monkey-ing everywhere. RM29-90 only. Ngum ngum RM50 with 20 sens change.

Surprise, the book ..picture of the jungle pop up!

Aiyoyo! not only that!...A TIGER jump out too....I nearly jump out of my skin for Mamarazzi always say that I am a Paper Tiger.

As for Mamarazzi, she got herself the above four books. Looks very like very interesting book.
For more books, check out BookXcess blog at

Thank you again, BookXcess for the Voucher.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Blog Shutdown For 3 Days

There won't be any posts for the coming 3 days.

Thank you for dropping by

Management Wasting Residence Fund

Haiz......There it goes again. Management is wasting Residence Fund

Baru last month the fella re-painted the yellow line. Stating that residence tend to park at the side of the building instead of proper parking space. Mamarazzi already told the fella that re-painting Yellow Line won't work. Just Clamp the cars. Sure works wonders.

Degil betul. Yesterday, the fella went and poke all these steel rod along the building. What an eye sore. Making the building look hideous. Not only that! When Mamarazzi shake the steel rod a bit...can feel it shaky and will come out any time. Now! that is what we call a waste of money. Just buy Wheels Clamp! Sure nobody dares to park there anymore after kena a few times. ...Haiz...what to's like talking to the wind.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

My Ears Is On Fire

Papa...what is that you are eating? I want some can ah?
Puttu Mayam? Nice ah?


Puttu Mayam celup Kari?

Aaaaa...what the ....?

OoOoO ...bee boo bee boo ears are on fire!!!!

Ice Water!!!

Naughty Papa!

Grrr...I am going to tell Grand Mah Mah.

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