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Monday, 27 July 2009

The Wok Cafe, Kota Damansara

We went to THE WOK CAFE at Kota Damansara for lunch the other day. This shop has been praised by many bloggers and even featured in The Star Newspaper. Said to provide authentic Penang Cuisine and hawker food. Mamarazzi was dying for a bowl of Penang Prawn Mee.

Apart from that, what else do they have here? I'm famished. Haven't had any breakfast.

Ohh...these are the house's specialities ah. I want Kerabu Mango.

Order liao...where is my food? So SLOW one. I'm going to pengsan soon.


Finally, my Kerabu Mango is here. Looks yummy.

Alamak! so much "Har Kow" and sugar. What's so special about it? Got Har Kow add belacan add cili add lotsa sugar and some sesame seed. This tiny plate cost RM8. Uncle Sam who is diabetic definitely can't eat this dish lo.

Mamarazzi, how is the Prawn Mee? Nice? Can I have some?

Huh...soup no take of prawn. The prawn have been "rebus" and can still taste the water taste. Very small portion only. Haiyo! like this call authentic Penang Hawker Food ah? This fella got go to Penang and learn how to cook this Prawn mee or not? Very disappointing. Moreover cost RM7!! For RM7, I can get TWO nice bowls of Prawn Mee from Restaurant Good Tea at Sri Petaling lor. Betul tak, Auntie Alice?

Just look at the "cili" from the Prawn Mee. No appetite liao.

Huh...not having high hopes for Papa's Curry Laksa.

I think it's Nyonya Kari Laksa. Portion small. Not much ingredient. Tau pok, bit of prawn?? and mint leaves. Also not nice. Aiyo....another waste of RM7. Go eat Ah Loy's Kari Laksa better.

. least this ABC is ok-ok. Price RM5.

Conclusion....will not visit this shop again. For the price and the quality of food's more like eating the decoration of the shop instead of the food itself. For one thing, the decoration of the shop interior is very very nice. Can take many nice photos there. Authentic decoration instead of food?

1 comment:

  1. Hehehe....ya correct, Joshua!

    Yalah...the extra price you have to fork out is to pay for the ambience since the taukeh has spent so much money on decorating the shop. Some more Kota Damansara is considered posh area leh...


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