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Monday, 6 July 2009

Restaurant Yoke Fook Moon Sdn Bhd,- Dim Sum-Ipoh

This is a late post. The other day woke up. Papa and Mamarazzi suddenly felt like having Dim Sum. Up and we went looking for Dim Sum. Jom! let go Ipoh for Dim Sum.

Saw blog that says Foh Shan Dim Sum very nice. Alamak! arrived there, the Restaurant new premises was closed and the Grand Opening is 2nd July. Oppss..miscalculation..
.Never fear! There is another Dim Sum place that also been recommended by people. Yup...Yoke Fook Moon Restaurant. Said the Dim Sum there are nice too.

Mamarazzi ordered porridge for me. Yuck! at home eat porridge and here also eat porridge ah? Anyway, Mamarazzi tasted the porridge too. Not that nice despite the nice looking presentation.

However, Mamarazzi like the Char Siew Pau. Can really see the Char Siew instead of the minced ones.

Papa ordered Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun. Hmm...tarak sedap geh. The Chee Cheong Fun is too thick and not much "liu".
.Har Kow taste good. Can taste the prawns Boing-boing-boing.

This...eerr...forgot the name but not that nice.

This is supposed to be Prawn Wrapped in Pig Skin. Doesn't look nice but taste good.

Well, for me..the Dim Sum here taste average only but price is expensive.Well, this is just my personal opinion lah. Not necessary represent the truth for many have praises this restaurant. Each person have different taste.


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