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Saturday, 11 July 2009

Restaurant Jin Cheng, Tapah

After a very long and winding road in which my Car Seat kept bullying me by tossing my head left and right, we finally arrived at a more comfortable road. Mamarazzi hungry till her head spinning liao. Papa found this nice restaurant on the way toward Tapah. It's just before the turning out to the Toll that heads towards the Highway.

. This Restaurant Jin Cheng seems to offer many variety of dishes. Quite a lot of customers too. Many of, of are Lorry Drivers who stopped to have a meal here and for a rest.

As Mamarazzi felt wiwangwang from the windy road, we didn't order much. Just Fried Rice.
Surprisingly the Fried Rice here taste good and they put a lot of small prawns. Cham loh....don't know whether we have become "water fish" or not.

Ham Choy Taufo Soup. To help with digestion and Mamarazzi "windy" stomach. Nice.

Alamak! This one the prawns so BIG. Delicious. Maybe the vegetable is from Cameron Highland?Aiyoyo! the bill must be very hefty leh with so prawns in the 3 dishes.
When the bill comes, surprise! surprise!'s about RM20 only plus tea.


  1. Ya loh..I thought with the prawns so big sure kena slaughter already. Next time if we go Cameron, can really makan there again.


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