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Sunday, 12 July 2009

Goodies From Cameron Highland

Keledek rebus? Mamarazzi used to cook this for me. Cameron also have to eat Keledek rebus ah? Sedap or not?

Ngap! sumbat all into the mouth. Munch munch munch.

.Eh...very sweet wor. fast push everything in or else Mamarazzi will shout at me for taking such large bite.

.Another "product" from Cameron Highland. Markisah Susu.

Taste? Sweet sour. And the Indonesian girls that managed the stall gave extra 2 to Papa coz he can speak their language while I an extra one too.

Pearl Corn. Said to be super-duper sweet. Sold in KL 3 for RM10. Papa got it from the same stall RM10 for 8.

.Wah...just see the shining juicy corn. Can be eaten raw. But Mamarazzi preferred to steam it.

Yay! Corn ready to eat.
.Alamak! which end to start?

.Papa, I've got no gigi. Can peel the corn for me ah?

.Petai. Bought from Orang Asli, on the way down from Cameron Highland.Wah lau eh..These Orang Asli very money mind nowadays. This small bunch starting price RM12. Only have about 10 to 12 strands in a bunch. Much more expensive than in K.L. The first "hut" refused to lower the price. Thus, we continued our journey down till we came to another "hut".

.This "hut" starting price RM10/bunch. There were only 3 bunch left. However, the men were busy playing cards and they offered to sell us the entire 3 bunch for RM21, which Papa bargained to RM20.

.Came home, Mamarazzi peeled the Petai. Hmm....lucky no worms. Very fresh and crunchy petai.
That's how we ed up with having Petai Sambal Ikan Bilis. Yummmy!

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  1. Wah...the petai looks yummy. I really miss eating petai. My mother-in-law only cooks petai very rarely and I don't go back to my mother's house, so don't get to eat petai. See-lah, next time when shift to own house, then I'll look for petai to cook!


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