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Thursday, 16 July 2009

Dinner at Dragon-i, One Utama

Heard a lot about this Dragon-i Restaurant. This is the first time that Papa bring us here to eat.

.Very dim lighting. Romantic? Just nice for those people "pak-tor-ing" kekeke.

.The service here is very fast and they even provide me with my own plastic bowl and cutlery. Everytime I dropped a spoon or fork, the waiter replaced it very fast..

. Heard the Siu Long Pau here is very famous. Thus, Papa ordered a basket. Mamarazzi comments? "Hmm...okay la. Nothing to shout about".

Mamarazzi had Beef Lain Mian. The beef was good but the only. Price wise...expensive oh. Chinese tea RM1. Wet Tissue RM1/pc. time I'll use my baby wipes enough la. Smell nicer too. Overall, Mamarazzi didn't enjoy it much. Too quiet, prim and proper for me.


  1. What's the price of the dim sum then?

  2. I don't really know coz the Papa paid. But total of 1 bowl of beef brisket noodle, 1 bowl of pork rice, 4pcs of SLP and 2 Chinese tea = RM50+

  3. Pricey....but memang expected-lah, the price is on the high side one.


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