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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Buying Pomelo at Ipoh

This is the famous pomelo place. Don't know which stall to choose from. Just tembak la.

. Hello, auntie. I come to buy pomelo.

So many pomelos to choose from. Which one?


Uh..this one is heavy. Should be juicy.


Okay. Take this one.


Auntie, I want this one. How much is it? pomelo get free biscuit.


Say "thank you"? No. I didn't.

Thank you, Auntie.


A satisfied customer.


  1. So cute!

    Haha...I'm sure if I'm the one who go and buy, I won't get free biscuits like what Joshua got. The Auntie sees he's so cute, so her heart melt, so give him the biscuits :) Cute little boy mah!

  2. The one who pays didn't get any biscuit but he got the biscuit instead.

    The 2nd stall we went to lagi best..He got the whole "batang" of SUGUS. hahaha


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