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Saturday, 1 August 2009

Anakku Warehouse Sale, Kg Jawa & Branded Goods Warehouse Sale, Dataran Hamodal

Mad Mamarazzi is warehouse chasing again. This round Anakku Warehouse Sale at Kg Jawa somewhere in Klang. Lucky Papa good at finding roads. Wah lau eh! "Human Mountain, Human Sea" here at the warehouse. Very hot and stuffy. People are busy grabbing stuffs. I also tak ketinggalan. I grabbed two jean pants for myself.

These are the diapers size XL 48pcs RM15/pack. I better sit on them before some other people grab them. Extremely long queue for payment. There are a lot of mixed up in the pricing of the baju thus delaying payment.
Things like toy car are going for RM20 and RM40, Stroller RM150, Buggy RM70(Cheap as there are many choices), BB Car Seat RM180 & RM250(Mamarazzi really tempted to buy the RM250 as the quality very good). Apart from that there are also Walker, High Chairs, Baby basket carrier. Very sorry, Mamarazzi forgot the pricing.
Next stop is the Branded Good Sale at Dataran Hamodal. Mamarazzi wanted to get some bedsheet for someone.

Well, the bedsheets seems to "beranak". Car boot full already. No more place to put things. Have to put in the passenger seat. Haiyo! Lucky I don't have to sit on the roof of the car during our journey home. Mamarazzi truly mad.


Here is the toy car Mamarazzi bought for me From Anakku, RM30. Oppss...sit terbalik lagi ka? Ahem...oh Jusco...any news of my horsey? Am still waiting leh. No reply to Mamarazzi's E-mail geh.

Yay! This is the correct way to sit. Honk! Honk! here I come. Give way give way.

Future Mat Rempit. RM40 from Anakku but Mamarazzi bargain down to RM20 due to no stickers and at the back missing a basket.

Apart from that, here are the lotions, shampoos, wet wipes, baju and shoes that Mamarazzi managed to grab from Anakku Warehouse Sale.

As for the Branded Goods Sale at Dataran Hamodal, these are the bedsheets that Mamarazzi managed to get. As usual, it's 80% discount from the original price. It's organised by the same company that did the Branded Goods sale at Stadium Melawati, Shah Alam. So, Aunty Alice, you can go there and grab the stuffs you wanted from Guardian. Price more or less the same.

Well, these are the "anak" that come out apart from the bedsheets that Mamarazzi meant to buy. Some books for me, Vitamin C, mattress protector and lotion.
Better zzz first for tomorrow is another day of warehouse sale chasing...Pureen and Caring Pharmacy Warehouse Sale. Or rather today for now it's a.m. already. Mamarazzi have to give up Hytex Warehouse sale la coz if not, no money to eat roti loh..hahahaha.


  1. The motorcycle tricycle for RM20 is cheap leh! What about the Anakku toiletries, how's the price like?

    The bed sheets after 80% discount is how much? Is it 100% cotton? Hehehe....I'm still undecided whether to buy hair conditioner from the Guardian in Dataran Hamodal or to wait for the Unza Warehouse Sale...;-)

    As for the Caring Pharmacy Warehouse Sale, I wonder whether they sell Pediasure for less than RM50 or not (for 900 g packaging)? Too bad I can't go on Saturday becos I'm working full day until 7.30pm. Hubby also not around today. Sigh! If let's say got Pediasure, dunno whether by the time I go on Sunday, still got Pediasure or not! Sigh!

    Aiyo, all these warehouse sales are really tempting me! Cannot concentrate in work liao! No wonder Mamarazzi go mad also! Hehehehe!

  2. At first I thought toiletries are expensive but after I've gone to Pureen Sale and compared, found that Anakku is cheaper. Bath, shampoo and lotion are RM7 for large size(sorry forgot what ml), Medium size is RM4 and some RM3, smallest size is RM2. Wet wipe 2pkts of 30pcs are RM3.

    I didnt really notice the price of the bedsheet coz i felt the material..not so comfy. Think it's hot.

    Actually between grabbing things that I wanted and grabbing Joshua, I didnt really take note of anything else. Pricing rather jumble up. No price tagg on the cloths. Only on the bins. And the clothes tended to be moved around.

    Didnt see any pediasure at Caring Warehouse sale. Limited items. Mostly vitamins like Flavettles, Chiew, Seven seas, pharmatons, some Nivea products, a bit of health products ..that's all.


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