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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Temerloh Oh Temerloh..Daerah Ikan Patin

We are in Temerloh again. to buy Ikan Patin and Talapia
.Very fresh from the river. There! The man is going to the "Sangkar" to catch the fish.

Very fast the man cleaned the fish. Chop! Chop! Chop!. Eee...very geli one coz though the fish have been "cleaned", it still does flip flop in the car. Some more Mamarazzi put it under my seat.

When we reached K.L., it's already quite late. Thus, we went for dinner at Restaurant Woo Ng Kee at Taman Ehsan. Alamak! Mamarazzi forgot it's a weekend and more over it's Father's Day weekend. The whole place was crowded. We had to sit outside the restaurant

Ordered Pat Kwat Wong. Hmpf! Where are the bones??? Thought Pat Kwat Wong supposed to be of meat and bones? This is full meat.Like eating Mini Pork Chop. Next time won't order this dish at this restaurant.

Sweet Potato Leaves. Wah...everyone agrees that this dish taste very good. The leaves very young and sweet.

Taufo in a Wok. Mamarazzi liked this dish coz have chinese cooking wine. Whereas Papa said it tasted so-so only.

Ta~da~da~dum~ The MAIN dish. Fresh flip flopping Ikan Patin from Temerloh. What can I say....Yiu have to taste it to know. Hard to describe. Sedap hingga menjilat jari.


  1. For each of the dishes, do you know the pricing?

  2. Forgot to ask you they sell the patin and talapia? How much for how berat?

  3. Pricing not sure coz they lump up everything everything. But we have been to this restaurant before. The food quite good. Price average KL price.

    Patin and Talapia RM14/kg. Quite expensive already compared to old times. Nomud smell. Though one time, a friend said she brought got mud smell.


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