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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Lousy Service at KFC, Kuala Trengganu(GIANT Hypermarket Branch)

Papa bought KFC Meal set at KFC Restaurant located in Giant, Kuala Trengganu. Can you see what is lacking? Yup, the Whipped Potatoes. When Papa asked, the cashier said that they are out of Whip Potatoes. Thus, Papa requested two heapings of colesaw instead. Which by the way, all other KFC Restaurant outlet had always obliged. Did you know that this Cashier said? "Sorry, company policy. No REFUND". Excuse me! Papa was asking for a REPLACEMENT to a thing which Papa had PAID good money for and which the Restaurant should provide and failure to that should give a replacement. This stupid $%*& with a take it or leave it attitude.

Hmmm!!! Geram...Very angry....Cool it down with a Nutrigen.

Ahhh...felt a bit better but Mamarazzi temper is still brewing. What's more is that when Mamarazzi tried to search for KFC's e-mail address, guess what she found... Our website is currently unavailable....blah blah..blah.. Does anyone have KFC's complaint department e-mail address? Please let Mamarazzi know. Thanks


  1. Can boycott that KFC outlet already!

  2. wana boycott also difficult coz goes there the most is once a year kakaka. Maybe I'll get Complaint Forms from KL KFC Outlets and sent in. Weird..KFC website "under construction". Quite some time already. Wonder why. Or maybe purposely so that people can't complaint?

  3. Ya, who knows? It's possible.

    Even if you can't boycott that outlet becos you only go there once a year...never mind loh, at least there are others who may have read this posting know about this and therefore can boycott if they want to.


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