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Sunday, 14 June 2009

Kedai Makanan Laut Kebun Kelapa, Pandamaran

Sleepy ah....arrived at another warehouse sale ah?


.Restaurant? Oh...dinner time. Since we were in Pandamaran, might ask well try the famous seafood here. It's nearby the Pedypak warehouse Sale.

Seafood aje. No Pork.Got Air-conditioning.
While waiting to order food, many people comes to the restaurant to sell tidbits. Papa bought Tau Sar Peah.


Service so slow geh.

.Eat Tau Sar Peah first la.

Mmmm..taste very good.
.Should have bought more.

Nice sunset. The sun is setting but where is the fooooood?

Hmm...finally arrived.


Claypot Taufo. Ok-Ok only but the fish cake taste very good. If add with a bit of wine would be nicer.

Mixed Vegetable. Very large portion even though Papa order for "small".
. Fried Sotong. One of Papa's favourite. Also very large portion.

Sweet and Sour Crab. Waaa.....


Lovely golden Man Tau

I want.

Yikes! hot hot hot.....nearly burnt my tongue. Well, although the service is slow but the food taste good and the price is much cheaper than the price in KL.


  1. The Heong Peng looks like Tau Sar Peah to me....hehehe.

    I like his cutie look when he sticks his tongue out.

  2. oppss... you are right. It's called Tau Sar Peah :p. Got confused between these two "peah"


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