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Monday, 22 June 2009

Happy Birthday, Kung Kung

All packed, ready to go.

Left anything?

Uiks! Pose sekejap for photo. Cun or not? Wake up 7 early 8 early to go and see Kung Kung and Mah Mah.

Halfway rest awhile at the rest area. Play with Kaw Poh.

Wah...finally arrived. Hot. Face all red liao. Special trip. Kung Kung's Birthday.

Dinner at Restaurant Golden Dragon. Joshua hungry liao.

Lucky, Kaw Kaw clever and bring along some biscuits.

Aiks! Got a BIG Prawn on the wall. Eee..the eyes got "fire" one.

Jie Jie Wen serving everyone by putting ice cube into the glass.

Hmm...why Kaw Poh and koh Koh Yuan looked so serious one?

Pretty Jie Jie Lin looked very cool wearing one dangling earing.

Finally the food is here. Lemon Chicken.

Kaw Kaw feeding Jie JieLin.

Joshua is naughty. Insist on eating by himself or more like feeding the rice onto own baju.

Four Big Heavenly Emperor. Kaw Poh and Mamarazzi's favourite as it have PETAI.

Fu Yong Egg as Mah Mah said children loves to eat eggs.

Claypot Taufo

Sweet and Sour Garupa. Yikes! the garupa looked so fierce.

Delicious Kung Poh Sotong. The Sotong was very fresh

Halfway thru the dinner, Jie Jie Lin fell asleep coz she was too tired.

The Cake

Mah Mah looking very happy.

Happy Birthday to you, Kung Kung

Kung kung huff and puff...make sure to make a birthday wish.

Joshua climb up so high for better view

Kung Kung and Mah Mah enjoying a piece of the birthday cake.

Joshua pulak..sugar rush.....


  1. That last photo...Joshua's doing a daring stunt on Papa's back. Not scared meh?

  2. Coz he knows that father won't let go of him


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