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Thursday, 25 June 2009

Dishonest Costume Jewellery Trader at Pasar Malam SS3(Tuesday)

This really makes me feel like screaming %^&*#$. What happen was, Papa and Mamarazzi, went to Pasar Malam at SS3(Tuesday) last week to buy Puttu Mayam, Murukku and others Indians goodies to bring back for Kung Kung and Mah Mah. They loves to eat Indian food. And that particular pasar malam have many Indian traders.

As Papa was buying the Puttu Mayam, Mamarazzi saw that there is an Indian Costume Jewellery stall next to it. Mamarazzi's hair clip broke the other day. Thus, she went and selected two hair clips. One black and one pink. The Indian man took and put them into a black plastic bag while Mamarazzi was digging for money..


Arrived home. Opened the black plastic bag. The black hair clip is in a good condition while the pink one....
.You just look and see for yourself.
Both end of the hair clip are broken. Mamarazzi was 101% sure that it was in a good condition when she selected it. And it couldn't be that the hair clip broke on the journey home as the broken pieces would have still be in the white plastic or the black plastic bag. The @#$% must have change the Pink Hair Clip which Mamarazzi selected with a broken one while Mamarazzi was digging for money to pay him.
.Remember, DON'T buy from the Indian Costume Jewellery Trader at SS3 whose stall is next to the Puttu Mayam stall, which Mamarazzi blogged about in January 2009 . Next time Mamarazzi goes there she will check the lot number of the stall to pin point the exact location for you.


  1. Don't buy hair accessory from that fella already!! Boycott the fella!

  2. Ya! Saw my face not a regular customers thus he does this. I know these things happens a lot to tourist in Petaling Street but in Pasar Malam also like that. Stupid fella...people once kena, will not buy from him again. No more future biz.


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