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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Temerloh Oh Temerloh..Daerah Ikan Patin

We are in Temerloh again. to buy Ikan Patin and Talapia
.Very fresh from the river. There! The man is going to the "Sangkar" to catch the fish.

Very fast the man cleaned the fish. Chop! Chop! Chop!. Eee...very geli one coz though the fish have been "cleaned", it still does flip flop in the car. Some more Mamarazzi put it under my seat.

When we reached K.L., it's already quite late. Thus, we went for dinner at Restaurant Woo Ng Kee at Taman Ehsan. Alamak! Mamarazzi forgot it's a weekend and more over it's Father's Day weekend. The whole place was crowded. We had to sit outside the restaurant

Ordered Pat Kwat Wong. Hmpf! Where are the bones??? Thought Pat Kwat Wong supposed to be of meat and bones? This is full meat.Like eating Mini Pork Chop. Next time won't order this dish at this restaurant.

Sweet Potato Leaves. Wah...everyone agrees that this dish taste very good. The leaves very young and sweet.

Taufo in a Wok. Mamarazzi liked this dish coz have chinese cooking wine. Whereas Papa said it tasted so-so only.

Ta~da~da~dum~ The MAIN dish. Fresh flip flopping Ikan Patin from Temerloh. What can I say....Yiu have to taste it to know. Hard to describe. Sedap hingga menjilat jari.

Monday, 29 June 2009

Oh Ikan Oh Ikan Di Mana Ka Engkau?

Kaw Poh have yet to find good salted fish from K.Trengganu. She heard people says around Kemaman, there are very nice salted fish. That is how we end up here. Saw quite a number of people stopped at this shop.

This shop seems to sell quite a number of dried things. Kaw Poh found the salted fish here too.
Not only that, she also bought many other stuffs. The "hay bee" from this shop looks nicer than the ones from Tan Sia Kee. However, Kaw Poh discovered that the newspaper that wrapped the salted fish is wet when she arrived home. A good sign or not?

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Keropok Tan Sia Kee, Paka

Very soon, it's time to say bye bye to Kung-kung and Mah-Mah again.

I slept most of the way.

In no time, we arrived Paka. Kaw Poh wanted to buy "Hay Bee" from this shop. It's very famous for its Keropok.

All sorts of Keropok are displayed.

The cabinets so large till I pening sekejap.
Papa, come in-la. The Uncle is giving out keropok for testing.
My own big piece of Keropok Udang which the Uncle gave me.
Ngap! Ranggup and sedap.

Eee...Papa eat Keropok so ugly one.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Sotong Goreng Tepung, Kedai Maimunah

Aunty Woo told Mamarazzi that behind K.Trengganu airport, there are people selling very tasty Sotong Goreng Tepung. However, She is not sure which stall. Lucky for us, Yee Poh knows the way. That is how we arrived at Kedai Maimunah.

Jeng~Jeng~ the long VIP =>SOTONG GORENG TEPUNG. Yum yum...very fresh. very crunchy. Uh~la~la~.

Papa also ordered Mihun goreng since he is hungry. Mamarazzi saw that the mihun has a lot of prawns and sotong. Papa said the taste is so-so only but the seafood are fresh.

Jeng~jeng~Jeng~ Keropok Lekor Goreng. Sedap.

Mamarazzi said after eat so much goreng-goreng stuff, better drink coconut water. this is what a coconut looks like.

My first time drinking coconut water and eating coconut flesh. Very refreshing. Hmm...nowadays, there are not many "first time" for me to talk about liao.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Stadium Sultan Mizan Shah

Whereas? Am tired already sitting for hours in the car.

Aiks! This building had collapsed.'s the Stadium Sultan Mizan Shah which have been in the news not so long ago.

Aiya...I saw in the internet says that naughty Ultraman destroyed it when fighting with monsters. Jeng~jeng~jeng~ bee~boo~Bee~booo~

The Stadium nice-nice, nobody come to take photos. After collapsed so teruk liao. Many people come here to take photos pulak. There are policemen around. Aiks! inadvertently become a tourist attraction pulak.

I've got no eyes see loh....oi oi first.

Dirty Old Man Sleeping

Mamarazzi said that either I've very extra sensory system or that in my previous life, I was a dog. Because when I was fast asleep and felt thirsty, I can locate my milk bottle without opening my eyes. Hmm...No need to open eyes la since I can "remember" where I've put my milk bottle ma.


Perut kenyang, hati senang, rub rub tummy and I can continue my sweet dreams lor. No need to open eyes and disturb my sweet dreams ler.

Thursday, 25 June 2009


Look at the "Tugasan Kerja"...Huh? there are rat? To count stocks on the RAT? How to count oh?

Dishonest Costume Jewellery Trader at Pasar Malam SS3(Tuesday)

This really makes me feel like screaming %^&*#$. What happen was, Papa and Mamarazzi, went to Pasar Malam at SS3(Tuesday) last week to buy Puttu Mayam, Murukku and others Indians goodies to bring back for Kung Kung and Mah Mah. They loves to eat Indian food. And that particular pasar malam have many Indian traders.

As Papa was buying the Puttu Mayam, Mamarazzi saw that there is an Indian Costume Jewellery stall next to it. Mamarazzi's hair clip broke the other day. Thus, she went and selected two hair clips. One black and one pink. The Indian man took and put them into a black plastic bag while Mamarazzi was digging for money..


Arrived home. Opened the black plastic bag. The black hair clip is in a good condition while the pink one....
.You just look and see for yourself.
Both end of the hair clip are broken. Mamarazzi was 101% sure that it was in a good condition when she selected it. And it couldn't be that the hair clip broke on the journey home as the broken pieces would have still be in the white plastic or the black plastic bag. The @#$% must have change the Pink Hair Clip which Mamarazzi selected with a broken one while Mamarazzi was digging for money to pay him.
.Remember, DON'T buy from the Indian Costume Jewellery Trader at SS3 whose stall is next to the Puttu Mayam stall, which Mamarazzi blogged about in January 2009 . Next time Mamarazzi goes there she will check the lot number of the stall to pin point the exact location for you.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Lousy Service at KFC, Kuala Trengganu(GIANT Hypermarket Branch)

Papa bought KFC Meal set at KFC Restaurant located in Giant, Kuala Trengganu. Can you see what is lacking? Yup, the Whipped Potatoes. When Papa asked, the cashier said that they are out of Whip Potatoes. Thus, Papa requested two heapings of colesaw instead. Which by the way, all other KFC Restaurant outlet had always obliged. Did you know that this Cashier said? "Sorry, company policy. No REFUND". Excuse me! Papa was asking for a REPLACEMENT to a thing which Papa had PAID good money for and which the Restaurant should provide and failure to that should give a replacement. This stupid $%*& with a take it or leave it attitude.

Hmmm!!! Geram...Very angry....Cool it down with a Nutrigen.

Ahhh...felt a bit better but Mamarazzi temper is still brewing. What's more is that when Mamarazzi tried to search for KFC's e-mail address, guess what she found... Our website is currently unavailable....blah blah..blah.. Does anyone have KFC's complaint department e-mail address? Please let Mamarazzi know. Thanks

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Payang Serai, Kuala Trengganu

On the night we arrived at Kuala Trengganu, a relative invited all of us for dinner. Unfortunately, I was a asleep then.

Slept like a baby thru the dinner.

Dinner was at Payang Serai.
The Restaurant is overlooking the bridge and had nice view.

Tom Yam Soup. Fiery hot. Uh~la~la~...maybe that's why my Kaw Poh lost her voice the next day.

Mamarazzi didnt dare to snap photos of the dishes. Paisey. Overall's a halal restaurant and Mamarazzi thinks the Chef is Malay. Thus, may not be so experienced in cooking chinese style dishes. Too bad, I slept thru the dinner or else I could have told you the rating.

Mamarazzi's Sui Kow

This is a late post. Still remember all those prawns that Papa caught? Papa said wanna eat "Sui Kow". Must mix with prawns. Tak puas eat the Sui Kow at the stall in P.J.
Thus, the other day Mamarazzi went to pasar and brought all the ingredients...mince meat(must be '3 chang'), carrot, water crest nuts, muk yee and yim sai(Aunty Wendy calls it smelly leaves).
Aiyo...this Mamarazzi really "Big Head Prawn". She nearly forgot to buy the MOST important thing. Sui Kow skin! Lucky she remembered in time. Went to one stall and only left about RM1.50(18 pcs). She "sapu" all.
That's why all the Sui Kow become so "gemuk". Yup..recently I kept saying the word "gemuk". Mamarazzi and Papa is puzzling why. Of course la "gemuk" coz I ate so much over the past week.

Kaw-kaw Lay Chit, jom makan Sui Kow. Aunty Siew, hope you feel better liao. Jom makan Sui Kow.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Happy Birthday, Kung Kung

All packed, ready to go.

Left anything?

Uiks! Pose sekejap for photo. Cun or not? Wake up 7 early 8 early to go and see Kung Kung and Mah Mah.

Halfway rest awhile at the rest area. Play with Kaw Poh.

Wah...finally arrived. Hot. Face all red liao. Special trip. Kung Kung's Birthday.

Dinner at Restaurant Golden Dragon. Joshua hungry liao.

Lucky, Kaw Kaw clever and bring along some biscuits.

Aiks! Got a BIG Prawn on the wall. Eee..the eyes got "fire" one.

Jie Jie Wen serving everyone by putting ice cube into the glass.

Hmm...why Kaw Poh and koh Koh Yuan looked so serious one?

Pretty Jie Jie Lin looked very cool wearing one dangling earing.

Finally the food is here. Lemon Chicken.

Kaw Kaw feeding Jie JieLin.

Joshua is naughty. Insist on eating by himself or more like feeding the rice onto own baju.

Four Big Heavenly Emperor. Kaw Poh and Mamarazzi's favourite as it have PETAI.

Fu Yong Egg as Mah Mah said children loves to eat eggs.

Claypot Taufo

Sweet and Sour Garupa. Yikes! the garupa looked so fierce.

Delicious Kung Poh Sotong. The Sotong was very fresh

Halfway thru the dinner, Jie Jie Lin fell asleep coz she was too tired.

The Cake

Mah Mah looking very happy.

Happy Birthday to you, Kung Kung

Kung kung huff and puff...make sure to make a birthday wish.

Joshua climb up so high for better view

Kung Kung and Mah Mah enjoying a piece of the birthday cake.

Joshua pulak..sugar rush.....

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